Elizabeth FishContributor, TechHive

Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

You know you want this Lego binary clock for your desk

Forget a digital clock for your desktop or bedside. Why not have a binary clock, built with Lego instead?

NASA-themed cufflinks make you the fanciest astrophysicist in the room

Make your suit more appealing while keeping a classy air of geek with these NASA cufflinks.

Knitted shell sweater turns your turtle friend into Super Mario’s Bowser

When you know how to knit, who needs a normal turtle when you can have a badass super villain one?

Release your inner child by 3D-printing objects with Play-Doh

Sculpt more than you ever could as a kid using Play-Doh with this amazing 3D printer.

This clock takes QR codes to new levels of uselessness...on purpose

Check out this cool but pointless clock, which uses QR codes to tell you the time.

Get to know our local galaxies better with this 160-megapixel image from NASA

Take an up close and personal tour of the Magellanic Clouds with this huge and detailed image.

3200 LEDs make the Sydney Harbor Bridge a giant lightshow that you can control

The Color the Bridge project, part of the annual Vivid Sydney light festival, lights up the Sydney Harbor Bridge with 32,000 programmed LED lights and fiber optics.

This guy proposed to his girlfriend, filmed it with Google Glass

Why settle for a standard proposal when you could record it with Google Glass?

Have your own desktop TARDIS with this Doctor Who papercraft

Strapped for cash but need a Doctor Who fix? Make a cool paper TARDIS!

NASA says Ring Nebula is more like a jelly donut than a bagel, is obviously hungry

Scientists now believe that the Ring Nebula isn’t quite as ring-shaped as first thought…

Pizza printer means quick and tasty snacks in your house...or on Mars

Even astronauts on missions in space can enjoy pizzas with a 3D printer for food.

Light up her face (and finger) with this LED engagement ring

The light-up engagement ring is one a geek girl would dream of, and you could build it yourself!

Score some geek points at your next cookout with this Power Mac G5 grill

Summer's almost here. Hooray! But before you dust off that barbecue, consider using one of those old computer towers for your cookout.

Hacked lamp changes color based on your mood, warns others to leave you alone

Now you can express your feelings not only through expressions, but through a modded Ikea RGB lamp.

Over 200 asteroids strike Mars each year (the poor thing!)

If you thought space rocks used Earth for target practice, perhaps you should be glad you don’t live on Mars.