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MS Office Battles Google in the Cloud

When Microsoft releases the next version of its productivity suite, Office 2010, it will be into a very different competitive landscape than the one Office 2007...

Does Microsoft Complicate Its Licensing on Purpose?

Navigating Microsoft's complex rules and programs for software licensing has been notoriously difficult for businesses -- a pain point not lost on the company...

Samsung, HTC Offer First Windows Mobile 6.5 Phones

HTC and Samsung are the first two handset vendors in the U.S. to offer Windows Mobile 6.5 phones.

Former Microsoft Open-source Chief Joins Cloud Startup

Former Microsoft open-source chief Sam Ramji has joined cloud-computing startup Sonoa Systems.

Ballmer: Windows 7 Worth the Investment

Microsoft's Ballmer provided a case for why people should buy Windows 7 despite the challenging economic climate.

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Microsoft Aims to Spark New Business for Web Developers

Microsoft launched a program that gives eligible Web development firms free software and support to help get new businesses off the ground.

Why Microsoft's Elop Isn't Afraid of Google

Microsoft's Business Division oversees one of its most successful products, the Office productivity suite, as well as the company's lucrative server and...

Microsoft Shows off Bing Tool for Measuring Ad Effectiveness

Microsoft on Monday demonstrated a new tool for its Bing search engine that will allow advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their ads with online users.

To Kindle or Not to Kindle?

About a year or so ago there was an amusing bit of writing circulating on the Web that deconstructed Shakepeare's "Hamlet" into a series of Facebook-styled...

Adobe to Buy Omniture for US$1.8 Billion

Adobe has agreed to buy Web analytics company Omniture for US$1.8 billion in cash.

Microsoft Rallies Businesses to Start Win 7 Migrations Now

Microsoft is urging business customers to start their Windows 7 upgrades now with a raft of examples of customers that are already using the software.

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Court Overturns Microsoft's $358 Million Payment to Alcatel

Microsoft has won an appeal to overturn a US$358 million award to Alcatel-Lucent in the latest ruling of an ongoing patent-infringement case

Microsoft Forms, Funds New Open-source Foundation

Microsoft has cofounded and is providing the funding for a new open-source foundation, the CodePlex Foundation.

Analysts: Microsoft Enterprise Licensing Still Challenging

Despite efforts from Microsoft over the years to simplify its software licensing, a new analyst report said it's more complex than ever.

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Microsoft Rivals to Purchase 22 Patents to Defend Linux

UPDATE: A group of Linux proponents are purchasing patents formerly held by Microsoft to defend Linux distributors against the threat of patent litigation.

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