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SAP Expands Business-intelligence Strategy

SAP on Monday unveiled new software for business intelligence and analytics, areas that are becoming integral to its strategy.

Competitors Grouse Over IE8 Default Setting in Windows 7

As the browser wars have heated up again, so have complaints that Microsoft is unfairly leveraging Windows 7 to promote its IE8 browser.

Microsoft Gives Controversial Antipiracy Tools New Name

Microsoft has rebranded its Windows Genuine Advantage validation system in Windows 7.

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Partnership Extends Microsoft HealthVault to Canada

Microsoft has expanded its HealthVault e-health service to Canada through a partnership with TELUS.

Amazon Launches Larger-Screen Kindle DX E-Reader

As expected, Amazon.com Wednesday released a new version of its Kindle with a bigger screen.

New Moonlight Release Available for Testing

A new version of the open-source technology called Moonlight that puts Silverlight on Linux is now available for developers to test.

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Microsoft Adds Health Care to Global E-government Platform

Addition to Citizens Service Platform, fueled by partners, helps governments connect residents with social services

Microsoft Integrates More Web Applications Into Windows Live

Thirty third-party applications now can be accessed through an update to the portal

AT&T Income Down but Mobile Business Healthy

iPhone drives wireless growth while landline revenue declines

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Broadcom Makes Bid to Buy Emulex for US$764 Million

Offer follows rejection of previous attempt to purchase company earlier this year

Mayo Clinic Broadens Microsoft HealthVault-based Service

Online e-health system allows patients to share information and receive recommendations from professionals

OpenSolaris, Linux Could Merge Under Oracle

Analysts said key features of Solaris, particularly DTrace, could be useful additions to Linux.

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Oracle, Entering Hardware Arena, Agrees to Buy Sun for $7.4 Billion

UPDATE: Oracle CEO Ellison said Java, Solaris are main reasons for acquisition.

Has Microsoft Lost Its War on Open Source?

Is Microsoft a friend or foe of open source? Going by the company's actions, Microsoft can't seem to decide.

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Oracle Agrees to Buy Sun for $7.4B

Oracle has signed a deal to purchase Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion, plunging the enterprise software vendor into the hardware market.