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Author of 'cloud Manifesto' Surprised by Microsoft Protest

Companies, including startup Enomaly, aim to unveil the Open Cloud Manifesto on Monday

Microsoft Criticizes Drafting of Secret 'Cloud Manifesto'

The company claims a document offering guidelines for cloud-computing interoperability was developed without its input

Microsoft Sees Growing SaaS Opportunity Among SMBs

A survey shows companies are ready to move on deploying hosted services for collaboration and e-mail

Microsoft Won't Let Companies Host Azure on Premise

Businesses will have to use the cloud-computing infrastructure running in Microsoft data centers

Microsoft Invites Developers to Test Web-site Translator

Easy-to-code widget translates pages automatically in up to 12 other languages

Microsoft Proud of Its First 'post-Gates' OS, Ballmer Says

Gates' departure allowed executives to take new leadership responsibilities while developing Windows 7

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Ballmer: IBM-Sun Deal Could Help Microsoft

Microsoft's CEO said a deal would benefit Sun shareholders, but questioned how IBM would handle Sun's many product lines

Microsoft Releases IE8, Stresses Security

Company-commissioned report shows Microsoft's new browser detects malware better than competitors.

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Microsoft Blames Azure Outage on OS Upgrade

A routine event brought down applications on a test version of its cloud-computing infrastructure for nearly 24 hours

Java Crowd Has Mixed Views on Potential Sun-IBM Deal

They express concerns and hopes for the future of Sun's developer tools and open-source projects

Microsoft and Lexmark Ink Patent Deal

The deal is one in a series of agreements the software maker has signed to protect IP investments

Windows Azure Goes Down for Early Adopters

Microsoft's cloud-computing network crashes for almost 24 hours over the weekend

Cisco Enters Server Market With Unified Computing System

UPDATE: Cisco Monday launched its Unified Computing System, comprising virtualization technology, services and blade servers.

Microsoft Disputes Attempt to Reinstate Class in Vista Suit

Microsoft is disputing an attempt to reinstate class-action status to an ongoing lawsuit against its Windows Vista Capable...

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Report: Microsoft U.S. Search Share Hits 12-month Low

Microsoft's share of Internet searches fell to a record low according to Comscore's report of Internet search queries for...