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Microsoft to Add 'Ping' to Bing to Share Search Results

Microsoft is testing a new feature called 'Bing & Ping' for its search engine that allows people to share search results on social networks.

Microsoft Wants People to Throw Windows 7 Launch Parties

Microsoft has teamed with House Party to help people throw Windows 7 launch parties.

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Microsoft to Drop All Zunes Except for HD Model

Microsoft plans to drop all of its Zune models except for a new high-definition (HD) version that is due out in two weeks.

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Microsoft Tests Windows 7-based Embedded OS

Microsoft on Tuesday released a test preview of its Windows 7-based OS for embedded devices.

Microsoft: Making Purchases Not Bing's Online Focus

Microsoft on Monday downplayed a blog post that said the company designed the first iteration of Bing to help people find items to purchase online.

Microsoft Misses Target Date for Office Web Apps Preview

Microsoft will miss its target date for releasing a technical preview of its Office Web Apps, Web-based versions of its Office apps.

Windows 7 Family Pack Available for Pre-order Early Online

UPDATE: A special Windows 7 upgrade package for households with more than one PC is now available for pre-order online ahead of schedule and at a discount.

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Analysts: Windows 7 Could Spur Enterprise PC Sales

Windows 7 could inspire businesses to begin spending money on PC upgrades again because it repairs major problems enterprise users had with Vista.

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Forrester: Social Networking Grows up

Companies can now target people over the age of 34 with ad campaigns that leverage social networks as more mature users are now online.

Sony's 'Daily Edition' E-reader Takes on Kindle

Sony's new e-reader will feature 3G Internet access and has a price tag of $400.

Microsoft Extends Windows 7 Family Pack to Europe

Microsoft's decision to provide a browser ballot screen for Windows 7 in Europe has enabled it to make a family-pack option to customers there.

Microsoft to Backport Windows 7 'ribbon' Interface to Vista

Microsoft plans to backport a new "ribbon" user interface it introduced in Windows 7 to Windows Vista.

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As Exchange Grows Up, It Plays More Strategic Role

Microsoft's Exchange Server will play a key role in plans to embrace diverse platforms.

Red Hat Expands Partner Program to Juice Reseller Business

Red Hat has expanded its partner program to give companies more options for how they can work with the Linux vendor.

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Report: Andressen Invests in Browser Startup RockMelt

Netscape founder Marc Andreessen may be looking to get back into the browser game.