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Microsoft Restores Service After Hotmail Outage

Microsoft on Thursday scrambled to fix a global outage that hit its Windows Live Hotmail service for several hours.

AWS Adds Option to Reserve Capacity on Cloud

Amazon Web Services is for the first time giving customers in the U.S. the ability to reserve in advance capacity on EC2.

SAP Teams With Sybase to Offer Mobile ERP, CRM Apps

SAP is teaming with Sybase to offer its business applications on mobile devices, including the iPhone, Windows Mobile...

Developers to Get 70 Percent of Windows Mobile Store Sales

Microsoft on Wednesday revealed it will pay developers 70 percent of sales for applications on a Windows app store.

App-compatibility Toolkit for Windows 7 Due in April

Microsoft next month plans to release a toolkit to help business customers begin testing their existing applications for Windows 7.

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Past Was Guide for Changes to Windows Development

Analysis: Microsoft had no answers a year ago to about Vista issues. A year later, however, the company does.

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Microsoft Contractor Drops Protest Against Pay Cuts

A Microsoft contract worker who organized a protest against a plan to cut contractor pay has dropped that effort.

Zoho Releases Writer 2.0 With New Tab-based UI

Zoho has given its Web-based word-processing application a makeover with a new tab-based UI.

Microsoft Not Hurting Creative Suite, Adobe CTO Says

Only the economy, not competition from Microsoft's Expression, is dampening sales of Creative Suite, Adobe said this week.

Windows 7 to Include Features to Cater to Enterprise

Windows 7 will include features specifically to meet the needs of enterprise customers based on early feedback from them.

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Linux.com to Get a Makeover

The Linux Foundation is reviving original content on the linux.com domain.

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Microsoft Testing Kumo Search Engine Internally

Microsoft is testing a new search engine called Kumo that is likely an early version of a new Live Search product.

Microsoft Extends Hosted Services to Europe, Asia

Microsoft is extending availability of its hosted productivity and collaboration apps to 18 new countries.

Attorneys Aim to Reinstate 'class' in Vista Capable Suit

Attorneys are trying to get the class-action status of a suit against Microsoft's Windows Capable program reinstated.

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TomTom Suit Shows Microsoft's Split Personality

Microsoft has been vocal about its interest in working more closely with the open-source community in the past couple of...