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Microsoft: Windows 7 No 'Magic Bullet' for Enterprises

Microsoft has warned businesses that the migration path from XP to Windows 7 won't be any easier than an upgrade to Vista.

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New Red Hat Project Looks to Simplify JBoss Migrations

Red Hat has launched a new open-source project aimed at making it easier for enterprises to move from proprietary middleware...

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LightEdge Combines Hosted PBX With Unified Communications

A Microsoft partner Tuesday launched a new service for SMBs that combines hosted unified communications with a hosted PBX...

Adobe Revamps Online Marketplace for AIR Apps

Adobe Tuesday revamped an online marketplace for applications developed on its AIR technology.

Bezos, Stephen King Unveil Slimmed-down 3G Kindle

As expected, Amazon unveiled a new version of its Kindle electronic book reader on Monday.

Economy Could Slow Enterprise Adoption of Windows 7

Analysis: Even companies that skipped Windows Vista may be reluctant to shell out for Windows 7 in the current economy.

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Survey Shows Ubuntu Not Just for Desktop Anymore

Ubuntu should not be considered just a desktop Linux if a new survey is a good indicator.

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Microsoft: All Windows 7 Editions to Run on Netbooks

Microsoft will release six editions of Windows 7 and is emphasizing the two it expects most users to buy.

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Microsoft Offers New Time-sensitive Support Service

Microsoft for the first time has said it will pay a financial penalty if it doesn't reach its service-level goals for a...

Microsoft Denies Windows 7 UAC Vulnerability

Microsoft is denying a security hole exists in the User Account Control feature of Windows 7, despite a blogger's report.

UAC Fix in Windows 7 Creates Security Hole, Blogger Says

A blogger said a change in the Windows 7 beta to the UAC feature presents a security risk.

Microsoft Patent Makes Smartphones More Like PCs

Patented Microsoft technology allows smartphones to connect to peripherals and networks the way PCs do.

Fan Starts Campaign for Windows 7's Immediate Release

A Windows enthusiast is calling for Microsoft to release Windows 7 now.

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Silverlight Adoption Hampered by Economic Crisis

Designers and developers say adoption of Microsoft's Silverlight technology has been hampered by the economic crisis.

Microsoft Adds Clickjacking Protection to IE8 RC1

Protection against malicious Web attacks and tweaks to a feature that allows for private Web browsing are among updates in IE8...