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Microsoft Reveals Windows Azure Pricing, Availability

Microsoft on Tuesday revealed pricing and more details about how it will sell its Windows Azure cloud-computing infrastructure.

Business Customers Can Order Windows 7 on Sept. 7

Business customers can start ordering Windows 7 beginning Sept. 7, slightly ahead of the general release of the OS the next month.

Microsoft Reveals Office 2010 Timing, Technical Preview

As expected, Microsoft on Monday revealed a test version of the next round of its Office suite, which will be available in the first half of 2010.

Windows 7 to Feature XP Mode for Older Applications

Microsoft will include a feature that lets people run applications in a Windows XP mode on Windows 7 to ensure application compatibility.

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Google Chrome OS Shows Limitations of Android

Google insists Chrome OS is a separate project not meant to replace Android, but observers wonder why Google would tackle two OS projects for netbooks rather than adapt Android.

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Google OS May Force Microsoft to Reinvent Windows

Google's Chrome OS won't be an immediate threat to Windows, but it may force Microsoft to reinvent its operating system more quickly into a product that takes...

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Opera CEO: Major US Carrier Deal Imminent

Opera is readying a deal that will bring its Opera Mini browser widespread distribution on mobile handsets in the U.S.

Opera CEO Defends Unite Against Security Concerns

Opera CEO defends Unite against charges that the new feature in Opera 10 browser will increase people's security risks

Microsoft Removes Projectile-vomiting IE8 Ad From Web

Microsoft has removed an online advertisement for Internet Explorer 8 that showed a woman projectile vomiting after the ad left a bad taste in people's mouths.

Red Hat Program Certifies Partners to Put Linux on Cloud

Red Hat has launched a new partner program to make sure its enterprise Linux and JBoss software are core components of a cloud-computing infrastructure.

Adobe Shuts Down July 4th Week to Ride out Recession

Adobe Systems has shut down its North American offices for a week for the second time this year as part of cost-cutting measures.

Blogger: Windows 7 UAC Feature Still Vulnerable

The Microsoft blogger who first called attention to a security vulnerability in Windows 7's UAC feature claims it still exists and that Microsoft won't fix it.

CIA's Technology Arm Taps Open Source for Enterprise Search

The company in charge of providing technology to the U.S. intelligence community has invested in an open-source firm to provide enterprise search.

Longtime Microsoft Developer Evangelist to Retire

A longtime Microsoft developer evangelist and 19-year company veteran will retire later this year, the company confirmed on Monday

Microsoft User Group Demands Opera Boycott Over EU Suit

A Microsoft enthusiast group has called for a boycott of Opera's product due to the browser maker's part in the EU antitrust campaign against Microsoft.