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Ellen Messmer is a senior editor at Network World. She covers news and technology trends related to information security.

VMworld: Security, Regulatory Concerns Still a Challenge in Virtualization

While VMware users harbor little doubt about the cost savings and productivity gains brought by virtualizing their networks, security concerns still exist.

Banks Blocking More Fraudulent Money Transfers From Hijacked Business Accounts

Cybercriminals increasingly are targeting business bank accounts to set up fake money transfers. But the good news is, banks seem to be getting better at...

Can the Obama Administration Fix Your Identity Management Problems?

The White House pledged to work with industry to establish an "identity ecosystem" of approved processes and technologies to foster some kind of new way to issue digital credentials to end users, whether consumers, business and the federal government.

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Pharmaceutical Firm Retires Microsoft Environment for Cloud Services

Amag Pharmaceuticals, based in Lexington, Mass., has almost eliminated its internal server network, and couldn't be happier about it. That's because the company, with about 240 employees, is now largely riding on cloud services.

Merchants Consider New Security Standards

A committee of the Payment Card Industry offered guidelines to help those processing payment cards use new technologies to conceal customers' sensitive account information.

Facebook Security Practices Questioned in Wake of Anonymous Threat

Even as the shadowy hacker group Anonymous threatens to take on the mighty social-networking site Facebook, claiming the group will 'kill' Facebook on Nov. 5, some researchers are criticizing Facebook security, saying it could be better.

Visa to Make It Easier for Merchants to Adopt Chip-based Card Payments

Visa today announced plans that will let qualifying merchants in the U.S. eliminate the need to annually validate their compliance with the Payment Card Industry data standard.

Black Hat Preview: Let the Electric-shock Craziness Begin

Ready to power on next week, the annual Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas promises to be the high-voltage event

E-Commerce Sites Based on Open Source Code Under Attack

About 100,000 Web pages for e-commerce sites based on the open source OS Commerce software have been compromised with malware through a mass iFrame injection.

Debate Rages Over How to Manage Personal Mobile Devices Used for Work

Increasingly, businesses accept the idea that employees should be able to use their personal mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for work. But...

Black Hat: Embedded Web Servers Open Printer, Scanner Security Holes

It's fairly simple to find corporate or consumer printers and scanners online and, without breaking into them, get a hold of documents that these devices...

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The 5 Biggest IT Security Mistakes

Like cleaning the windows, IT security can be a thankless task because they only notice when you don't do it.

Cisco Says Layoffs, Cost-cutting Won't Derail SecureX

Cisco has affirmed that it has no intention of pulling back from its commitment to its new security architecture.

Shift to Virtualized Environments is Shaking Up Security Practices

The move to almost fully virtualized computing environments is driving a fresh approach to security in the enterprise.

Meet the Hackers with a Cause

These "hactivists" steal confidential data in order to expose information about their targets, or they simply disrupt them. Here's an introduction to their diverse missions and methods.