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Smartphones and Tablets Create Huge Corporate Security Challenge

Adapting security and management for the new generation of mobile devices -- everything from the Apple iPhone and iPad to Google Android devices.

Happy 100th Birthday, IBM!

IBM will celebrate its centennial anniversary this week by having up to 400,000 employees worldwide skip the usual office work in order to donate time to...

Survey Finds Many Disappointed in Virtualization, Cloud Computing

Too often, organizations aren't getting as much out of virtualization and hybrid cloud computing as they first thought they would, according to a Symantec survey of 3,700 information technology managers in 35 countries that was published today.

Trend Micro Unveils Hacker Traps

Trend Micro says it can catch hackers in action breaking into networks and trying to steal secrets with a new line of line of network-analysis tools.

IBM Rolls out Free Cloud Software Development Tool

IBM this week announced a cloud-based collaborative software development tool that's being offered free to students but is expected to become a commercial service at some point.

More Malware Apps Sneak Into Google Market

Approximately 25 apps were pulled from Google Market by Google, but an estimated 30,000 to 120,000 users appear to have been infected by them prior to the discovery they were malicious apps.

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Researchers Claim Memory Encryption Breakthrough

Researchers say they've achieved a breakthrough in how encryption can be used in technology called non-volatile main memory.

Oklahoma City Using SIEM to Crack Down on Hackers and Slackers

Oklahoma City is using technology that not only watches for signs of any hacker activity on its municipal government network, but monitors employee online behavior to assure no one's going out of bounds.

Cisco VoIP Phones to Star in Security Weakness Demo

HackLabs is expected to demonstrate how hackers perform VoIP attacks and identify weaknesses in Cisco and other VoIP phones.

Businesses to Microsoft: Please Make Skype Easier to Manage!

Skype voice and video has tended to trigger IT security angst, and now that Microsoft has bought Skype, some observers are hoping the service will be easier to manage in a business setting.

Cloud-based Security as a Service: It's Catching on and Here's Why

Cloud-based security services are catching on as IT managers find more flexibility than when running their own network and security equipment.

Cisco and NSS Labs Still Arguing Firewall Vulnerability Test Results

NSS Labs today is expected to say four out of five vendors -- Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Fortinet and SonicWall -- whose firewall equipment it said was vulnerable to a hacker exploit have corrected the problem.

Cloud Computing Providers: Clueless About Security?

A survey of 127 of cloud computing providers suggests many regard security as mainly their customer's problem.

Cisco Going to NSS Labs to Sort Out Alleged Firewall Issues

Cisco is expected to confront last week's allegations from NSS Labs that Cisco firewalls are vulnerable to a hacker exploit known as the "TCP Split Handshake," an attack that would fool the firewall into thinking the IP connection is a trusted one inside the network.

Firewall Security Issue Raised in Report Angers Vendors

A test by NSS Labs that found firewalls from five vendors are subject in one way or another to remote exploit by hackers has ignited furious response from vendors Fortinet and SonicWall.