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Can IPS Appliances Remain Useful in a Virtual-machine World?

Intrusion-prevention system (IPS) vendors have not found it easy to recast their appliances for use in the virtual-machine (VM) environment.

Do Utility Companies Slight IT Security?

Do utilities and energy companies spend huge amounts for physical security but slight information-technology security?

Attackers Favor Social-networking Sites, Shortened URLs

Social-networking sites and shortened URLs have become the favored technologies for scam artists to lure victims to websites that attempt to push malware.

Companies Pick and Choose Which Data Breaches to Report

One in seven information technology companies have not reported data breaches or losses to outside government agencies, authorities or stockholders.

TripAdvisor Says Email List of Members Stolen

The online travel community TripAdvisor today informed its members that an unspecified portion of the TripAdvisor email list of its membership was stolen.

Should You Stop Using RSA SecurID Tokens?

Anyone using RSA SecurID two-factor authentication tokens for remote access to sensitive information should reconsider using them until RSA, which last week admitted to a major breach of its network, clarifies exactly what was compromised, says NSS Labs.

Mobile Payments: Creative Chaos or Just Chaos?

The day is nearing, many say, when your smartphone will be your wallet, letting you make purchases as stored cash or credit that will be wirelessly accepted.

Did Hackers Nab RSA SecurID's Secret Sauce?

RSA is scrambling to reaffirm that the strength of its SecurID technology is not diminished.

RSA's SecurID Security Breach: What Should You Do?

RSA suffered a sophisticated cyberattack in which attackers obtained some type of information about its SecurID product.

Is Google Getting Into NFC-based Mobile Payments in New York and San Francisco?

Google is neither confirming nor denying a Bloomberg report Tuesday that the search giant plans to soon start testing a mobile-payment service at stores.

Whitelisting on Its Own Not a Substitute for Antivirus Software

Whitelisting technology that prevents unauthorized software from running on corporate servers and PCs is a way to prevent malware attacks but managing the package keeps the Burton Group, a division of Gartner, from recommending it as a substitute for traditional antivirus software.

Google Still Scrambling to Recover From DroidDream Android Attack

Last week's revelation that over 50 apps in the Google Android market were malware-laden has shaken up Google and the security industry to its core.

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FBI Upgrades to Faster, More Accurate Fingerprint Identification System

The FBI today said it's made a long-awaited switch from its Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to an upgraded, faster one the FBI calls Advanced Fingerprint Information Technology

Smartphones, Devices Spark IT Security "Mobile Melee"

While devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android are in most cases welcomed into the corporate world, there's uncertainty about how to fit them.

Memory Scraping Malware Goes After Encrypted Private Information

What's "pervasive memory scraping" and why is it considered by SANS Institute security researchers to be among the most dangerous attack techniques likely to be used in coming the coming year?