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Ellen Messmer is a senior editor at Network World. She covers news and technology trends related to information security.

Memory Scraping Malware Goes After Encrypted Private Information

What's "pervasive memory scraping" and why is it considered by SANS Institute security researchers to be among the most dangerous attack techniques likely to be used in coming the coming year?

Do Wireless Providers Crimp Mobile Security?

Do wireless service giants such as AT&T and Verizon wield their power to effectively stand in the way of mobile-device security?

Tablets and Smartphones Force Cisco to Rethink Security

Cisco has unveiled a self-described "complicated" security architecture dubbed SecureX that it says provides a context-aware way to safeguard networks increasingly overrun with smartphones, tablets and virtualization.

Lenovo Security Updates Protect Stolen PC Data

Lenovo announced at the RSA Conference Monday that its ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre desktops now support anti-theft and encryption capabilities aimed at minimizing the chance of data falling into the wrong hands when computers are lost or stolen.

Intel Core Processors to Get Strong Authentication Security

Looking to help customers strengthen data security, Intel said it will include stronger one-time password authentication in its upcoming 2nd Generation Intel...

Can 'Encrypted Blobs' Help With Secure Cloud Computing?

Can cloud-based computing be made more secure in the future using what crypto geeks call "fully homomorphic encryption" to send data as "encrypted blobs."

What Security Technology Will Be Hot at RSA 2011?

The annual RSA Conference, now in its 20th year, will be rocking this month as the security industry gathers in the weeklong extravaganza of product introductions and security experts arguing cloud and mobile computing security issues.

Hacker Conference's Quirky Moments

Security geeks at the Black Hat conference try every stunt possible to show what a clueless world we live in when it comes to security.

Is Retaliation the Answer to Cyber Attacks?

Should revenge assaults be just another security tool large IT shops use to counter cyber attacks?

Mobile Device Makers React Differently to Attack Info, Researcher Says

When a researcher at an ethical-hacking firm discovered mobile devices from Apple, Google, RIM and HTC had a flaw in them, the respective companies reacted differently--RIM and Apple worked on patching, while Google and HTC reportedly shrugged it off.

Spam Volumes Drop as Botnets Go Quiet

Activity by the notorious Rustock has suddenly and inexplicably dropped, Symantec reports.

Good Times Projected for Network Security Market in 2011

There's some early optimism about the information technology industry as the world steps into 2011. For one thing, the global network security market is expected...

Top 10 Security SNAFUs of 2010

Google, Cisco, McAfee, and the U.S. government all grab negative security headlines for the year's dubious honors.