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Dell Offering Free Web Browser Security Tool

Dell, through its Kace unit, is making available free Web browser security software that works by creating a protective "sandbox" on the desktop to isolate the...

Bluetooth Aids Thieves in Gas Station Credit-Card Scam

Bluetooth wireless making it easy to retrieve stolen card numbers from gas pumps.

Are Your IT Pros Snooping Your Protected Data?

More than two thirds of IT professionals surveyed admitted they've accessed data that wasn't relevant to their work.

Facebook Risks? Don't Look to Your IT Security Group

Your IT department shouldn't be responsible for risks associated with employee use of social media Web sites.

Too Many Data-loss Prevention Tools Become Shelfware, Says Analyst

The good, the bad and the ugly of data-loss prevention tools and technologies got a solid once over from Gartner, who spared no punches.

Rogue Facebook App Touts 'Teacher Nearly Killing a 13-year-old Boy'

Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users are falling victim to yet another rogue application, this one identified as a video claiming to show a teacher nearly...

Sophos Adds Cloud-based Threat Analysis to Endpoint Security Software

Sophos has added a cloud-based threat analysis and blocking capability called Live Protection to its endpoint software for anti-malware and intrusion-detection.

Windows Server vs. Linux

Which server OS is the most appropriate must be argued in the context of the job that needs to be done, based on factors such as cost, performance, security and application usage.

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McAfee vs. Symantec

For decades, Symantec and McAfee have fostered a tit-for-tat rivalry that makes the old Hatfields and McCoys feud look tame by comparison.

Facebook Likejacking Attacks Continue With 'Paramore N-a-k-ed Photo Leaked!'

Facebook users are falling for yet another clickjacking scam that fools them into "liking" a page.

'Likejacking' Exploit Fools Facebook Users and Friends

Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users were hit over the holiday weekend by a trick that spreads a clickjacking worm once the victim has been fooled into "liking" a page. Once that is done the action installs a Trojan and recommends the page to the victim's friends.

Cyberattacks Seen as Top Threat to Zap U.S. Power Grid

Cyber attacks, pandemics and electromagnetic disturbances are the three top "high impact" risks to the U.S. and Canadian power-generation grids, according to a report from the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC).