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Ellen Messmer is a senior editor at Network World. She covers news and technology trends related to information security.

Commerce Department Scrutinizes Internet Privacy

The U.S. Commerce Department this week kicked off an initiative to take a close look at how the privacy of individuals is impacted broadly in the Internet economy..

Symantec's Norton 2011 AntiVirus, Internet Security Betas Free to Download

Symantec Monday unveiled the Norton 2011 editions of its antimalware software to wipe out infections on Windows-based machines.

12 'White Hat' Hackers You Should Know

These information technology security experts go looking for trouble and find it -- but they're on your side.

Symantec Offering Web Monitoring Service to Detect Botnet Activity

Symantec Tuesday announced a Web monitoring service intended to unearth evidence of botnet-related malware activity within an organization by continuously...

ZeuS Botnet Still Mutating, Still on the Move

The newest version of the botnet toolkit is designed to help cybercrooks take remote control of infected systems.

Google Defends Chrome's Security

Google's Chrome OS Netbook will feature a host of built-in security technologies designed to protect users from malware and other threats, a Google engineer said...

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Moscow Billboard Porn Hacker Busted

When a Russian hacker last month broke into a giant video advertising billboard located in Moscow to run a pornographic film on it, it caused some chaos in city...

Norton Security App Updated, Smartphone Apps Coming Soon

Symantec Wednesday will ship a new version of its Norton 360 security and online storage/backup product and announced that applications for mobile devices are on their way.

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Identity Fraud On the Rise

Identity fraud struck an estimated 11.1 million adults in the United States last year, according to new data from Javelin Strategy & Research.

How Wi-Fi Attackers Poison Browsers

A security expert at the Black Hat conference warns about the dangers of public wi-fi.

iPhone Privacy, Security Not What Apple Claims, Researcher Says

A speaker at the Black Hat security conference questions Apple's iPhone security strategy.

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Black Hat Attendees Scrutinize Adobe Flash, Website Flaws

The hot security topic for the annual hacker gathering is vulnerability in Web page design.

Adobe Warns of PDF Phishing Scam

A hoax update to PDF Reader/Writer actually bears malware, the software company cautions users.

Data Breaches Get Costlier

It cost the average firm $200 per customer record when data is exposed, a study reports.

Facebook, McAfee Team on Facebook Security Effort

Facebook and McAfee have formed a partnership aimed at improving security for Facebook's 350 million users.