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Ellen Messmer is a senior editor at Network World. She covers news and technology trends related to information security.

Smartphone Attacks, Cloud Breaches Top 2010 Security Concerns

There has never been a year in which security threats diminished, so expect more hacks, exploits, and scams in 2010, researchers warn.

Facebook Denies Hijack

Facebook Groups were disrupted by a warning to "Control Your Info" but no damage occurred besides disruption, Facebook says.

Security Software Protects Mobile and Remote Mac, Windows Users

DeepNines Technologies Tuesday is unveiling a desktop security agent that works in tandem with its content-filtering and anti-malware gateway to protect mobile users.

Facebook Applications at Risk From Attack

A number of Facebook applications, including one called CityFireDepartment, have been hacked, and try to attack site visitors' computers.

Can You Catch Spam from Chat Rooms?

Spam and malware dominate comment sections of blogs and message boards, study shows.

Companies Patch OS Holes, but Biggest Priority Should Be Apps

Corporations appear to be much slower in patching their applications than their operating systems, even though attackers are mainly targeting apps.

Registrars Ignore Domain-Name Abuse

Domain names are a key part of botnet and phishing operations, and cyber-criminals are plundering domain-name registrars around the world to get them.

Ongoing Botnet Attacks Identified as Team Projects

Security Researcher: Web Attacks Across Globe Appear Linked

Snow Leopard Anti-Malware Called 'Basic'

A security vendor says Apple's antivirus and other protection just skims the surface.

Women in IT: Success and Struggle

Though IT remains largely a male-dominated realm in the United States, women are now believed to constitute 15% to 25% of technical professionals -- though...

XML Exploits are Next, Analyst Warns

Expect hackers to target XML vulnerabilities, too often open to attack, Gartner analyst says.

Symantec Program Sends Security Analysts to Customer Sites

The Cyber Threat Analysis Program places Symantec analysts within an enterprise to analyze and mitigate security threats.

Adobe Flash Flaw Exploited in Web Sites, Researcher Warns

A vulnerability in Adobe Reader, Flash Player, and Acrobat is also exploited through malicious Flash code in Web sites, a security expert says.

Biggest, Baddest Botnets: Wanted Dead or Alive

America's 10 most wanted botnets, based on size and activity in the United States.

Adobe Flash Vulnerability Allows Attack via Malicious PDF File

Symantec said it has identified a PDF file that exploits a previously unknown vulnerability in an Adobe Flash multi-media component.