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Ellen Messmer is a senior editor at Network World. She covers news and technology trends related to information security.

Malware Targeting AutoCAD Files Could Be Sign of Industrial Espionage

It was learned that the malware was stealing files and mailing them off to what appeared to be a service provider in China.

Global Payments Says Data Breach Investigation Turned up a Second Breach

This time, it's not payment card data but personal information on merchant applications.

Gartner: Network Virtualization Will Lead to Security Control Changes

Virtualization is having an enormous impact, leading to questions about the role of physical security appliances in a virtual world.

Cool, Weird and Unusual Security Gear

Apple iOS Devices Have Trouble Gaining Confidence of Some IT Security Pros

Despite calls for more information about how Apple stores and analyzes the voice data it may be collecting through its Siri feature, Apple hasn't offered much explanation.

VMware VSphere 5.0 Gets Common Criteria Security Clearance

VMware today said its virtual-machine infrastructure software, vSphere 5.0, has achieved certification under what's known as the Common Criteria program.

Security Startup Vaultive Tackles Cloud-Based Encryption

Office 365 is the Microsoft Office suite of desktop applications and hosted versions of Microsoft's server products delivered and accessed over the Internet.

Doctors Warned Not to Use Social Media With Patients

Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston advises new doctor to not 'friend' patients on Facebook.

Mobile BYOD Users Want More Security

A survey of more than 4,000 mobile-device users and IT professionals shows wildly abundant use of mobile devices.

DHS: Gas Pipeline Industry Under Significant Ongoing Cyberattack

ICS-CERT takes unusual step of issuing public warning to raise awareness.

Intel-McAfee Developing Cloud-security Strategy

The goal is to give IT managers a way to perform a wide variety of security checks on both the servers, usually virtualized, and the data they use in public and hybrid clouds.

The 10 Worst Web Application-logic Flaws That Hackers Love to Abuse

Hackers are always hunting to find business-logic flaws, especially on the Web.

Hospitals Seeing More Patient Data Breaches

More of those problems are originating from laptops and mobile devices rather than a human slip-up in handling paper documents.

FBI: Cyberattacks Grow as National Security Menace

Cyberattacks are starting to eclipse terrorism as a threat to the country, say top officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Beware Android Malware Masquerading as Chinese Game

The fake "Roar of the Pharaoh" Android game app is actually the latest Trojan Scam, security researchers warn.