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Ellen Messmer is a senior editor at Network World. She covers news and technology trends related to information security.

Malware, Phishing Gather in North America

An annual review of global security threats identifies the U.S. and Canada as the primary source of malware attack focus.

Open Source Code Libraries Seen as Rife With Vulnerabilities

A study of how 31 popular open-source code libraries were downloaded over the past 12 months found that more than a third of the 1,261 versions of these libraries had a known vulnerability and about a quarter of the downloads were tainted.

Symantec Details Mobile Device Management Plans

Symantec this week put the focus on its mobile security strategy by planning to buy Nukona.

Stolen Encryption Key Compromised Symantec Certificate

Researchers at Kaspersky tracked down a Trojan malware that was signed with a stolen digital certificate, now disabled.

IRS Tech Security Lax, Watchdog Agency Says

The Internal Revenue Service isn't doing such a great job of protecting its key financial and tax-processing systems, according to the GAO.

How to Catch an Internet Cyber Thief

They're out there, say security researchers, who are trying to catch them.

The BYOD Struggle: From Writing Custom Apps to Defining Security

Companies are grappling with the question of whether and how to let employees use their own smartphones and tablets at work.

CrowdStrike Targets Advanced Persistent Threats

Startup CrowdStrike made its debut this week, promising to have a security product out by the second quarter that will target the so-called advanced persistent threat (APT) problem in which stealthy intruders infiltrate networks to steal sensitive data for business or political reasons.

How the Phoenix Suns Basketball Team Takes on Social Media Attacks

Every sport has its fans, and the Phoenix Suns basketball team is finding that use of social networking has become one of the main ways to keep in touch with its fan base -- though it can get dicey when basketball fans across the NBA go a little wild before big games.

Banks Team with Tech to Fight Phishing

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn and others are partnering with financial institutions as DMARC to educate customers about online scams.

Security Roundup: The Triumph of Hactivists, the Sorrow of Symantec

It was another busy week for hactivists attacking the online targets of their ire.

Hackers Ride Radio Waves to Hack Smartphones

Encryption keys on smartphones can be stolen using a technique involving radio waves, says one of the world's foremost crypto experts.

Can Cloud-Based Collaborative Data-Sharing Be Secure Enough for Defense Systems?

Though wariness about the perceived lack of security in cloud-based services is often voiced, there are some situations where the opposite is the case.