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Elsa likes tools that help small businesses save money, work smarter and reduce waste.

Building a Better Business Backup System

Don’t wait until your data disappears in a disaster to create a comprehensive backup plan and pick the technology that’s right for your business. Backup may never be fun, but it is becoming more affordable, automated, and painless.

Victorinox Pairs Solid-State Drive With Swiss Army Knife

Now you can get a secure solid-state drive folded up with your pocket knife.

Green Plug Debuts Tech For Smart, Sleek Power Supplies

The Green Power Processor would eliminate 'wall wart' power supplies and help electronics use energy more intelligently.

Internet cloud

Cloud Migration Can Lift a Business

Moving a company’s server room and local applications to the cloud can eliminate hassles and reduce expenses if you proceed with a good strategy.

Thin Clients Fit the Bill When PCs Are Overkill

Ultraslim terminals can reduce the costs and work involved in managing desktop systems.