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Apple Confirms Sept. 1 Media-Centric Event

Apple is holding a special event September 1 to announce something - what that something is however is anyone's guess.

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Net Neutrality Advocates Blast Google, Verizon Plan

In a move many see as a blow to network neutrality Google and Verizon have proposed "open Internet" guidelines for how traffic might flow across the Internet.

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Google Boosts Social Net Tools with Slide Buy

Slide Acquisition gives Google new expertise, energy and weapons against Facebook.

Android Bests iPhone In Popularity Contest - For Now

A recent study shows that Android-based phones are more popular than the mighty iPhone. But RIM BlackBerry beats them both.

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Facebook 'Questions' Service Attempts to Crowdsource Answers

Facebook debuted a beta Questions service that relies on the Facebook community to hunt down answers to queries - rather than the standard links.

100M Facebook Profiles Now Available For Download

Security expert proves a point about Facebook privacy and creates a database of 100M public profiles and makes them available for download.

What New DMCA Copyright Loopholes Mean to You

In addition to the legalization of jailbreaking mobile phones, the DMCA changed rules regarding video games, e-books, DVDs and some computers. Here's what it means in the real world.

iPhone 4 Case Program Begins - Here Are the Options

Apple's free bumper program began Friday. Here are the free iPhone 4 cases customers can choose among.

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BP Busted for Altering Image of Crisis Response

BP admits to doctoring images of its crisis relief center but is mum about why and when the original pictures were taken.

Search Warrant Withdrawn in Gizmodo Case

Gizmodo editor Jason Chen will have his computer equipment returned after a Calif. judge withdrew a search warrant relating to the the Apple iPhone prototype case

Verizon Says No Droid X Shortage Thursday

Verizon Wireless says Droid X customers won't be left high and dry waiting for an out-of-stock phone because lack of inventory won't be a problem.

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Nokia to Launch Kin Knockoff Social Phone

Nokia will introduce a chubby sized phone geared toward social media mavens later this year in Indonesia.

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