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The Prognosis for Electronic Health Records

Analysis: The health care component of President Obama's economic stimulus package relies heavily on information technology to work.

Netbooks for Business: Do They Make Sense?

With the some of the most recognized names in the high-tech industry hyping netbooks as the next big thing, we decided to see how and where they fit into business usage.

Redfly Turns Your Smart Phone Into a PC

This flyweight device makes using applications on your smart phone practical.

Tech Stimulus Suggestions for Obama

Three tech execs suggest where the money would do the most good.

Your Career Version 2.0: Life After IT

Is your job shaky? Considering a career change? Then let these successful IT refugees provide inspiration.

The Right to Free Broadband

As the FCC nears its vote on whether to open AWS-3 for auction, the Commerce Department has made a stand in favor of stifling innovation.

Current Wireless Devices Lack Real Security

A recent congressionally sponsored report shoots down the notion that anything wireless is secure.

Obama Can't Have a BlackBerry. Should Your CEO?

Is the cybertechnology that can compromise the future chief executive's BlackBerry also a threat to mobile devices being used every day by thousands of senior executives in corporate America?

Mobile Security: There's Just No Such Thing

A recent congressionally-sponsored report shoots down the notion that anything wireless is secure.

National Cybersecurity Agency Urged

A Congressional study puts priority on cyberspace as part of a national security strategy.

Take Participatory Government to the Next Level

Push-based policy alerts and Web-based hearing oversight can help us improve democracy through use of the Net.

RPX Spooks Trolls Lurking Under Patent Bridge

Membership-based patent aggregator RPX takes aim at nefarious non-practicing entities.

Toshiba Sets High Storage Capacity for Small Drives

Toshiba Storage Division announced a breakthrough half-terabyte hard disk drive in a 2.5-inch form factor.

Citrix Developing XenApps for the iPhone

Users will gain access to all Windows apps via Citrix's client and server software.

New Regulations Will Soon Swell IT Workloads

Government's response to the financial meltdown will require major tech initiatives for compliance, despite the recession's cutbacks.