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Endlessly tweaking his workflow for comfort and efficiency, Erez is a freelance writer on a mission to discover the simplest, coolest, and most effective software and websites to make tomorrow happen today.

Holly is a seriously simple to-do list, no accounts required

Holly is a simple and beautiful Web app for creating, managing, and sharing to-do lists. It's not for large-scale project management, but for day-to-day tasks, it works just fine.

Rein in your inbox and schedule email reminders with Right Inbox

Right Inbox blends into Gmail, letting you easily follow up on emails or schedule them for later sending. It doesn't do anything that's never been done before, but it does more (and more inexpensively) than anything else.

Take realistic Driving Speed 2 racing game for a spin

Watch your car take its lumps (and bumps and dents) in Driving Speed 2, an entertaining but often challenging racing game.

Simplify the Web with these free Chrome extensions

The Web doesn't have to be one-size-fits-all. Eliminate distractions from your favorite sites, or the entire Web, and you can comfortably focus on the content that suits you.

Download Instagram photos in bulk with 4K stogram

4K Stogram is a bare-bones utility that does just one thing: Download Instagram photos.

Buckle up for free racing game Dolphinity Racer

A heavy emphasis on realistic physics and graphics makes racing simulator Dolphinity Racer a challenging drive.

Pit Yourself Against International Racers in Need for Speed World

Massively-multiplayer online racing game Need for Speed World's basic gameplay is free, but extra cars cost money.

Control YouTube Video Viewing With Chrome Extension Magic Actions for YouTube

Magic Actions for YouTube customizes your video-watching in Google Chrome.


Enable Flash in Chrome Only When You Want It With FlashControl

Why deal with Flash hassles every time you surf? FlashControl lets you decide when to enable Flash and when to disable it.

Chrome Extension Readability Helps You Format Pages to Your Liking

Format pages for easier reading, or read them on other devices, with the help of Readability for Chrome.

Chrome/Firefox Extension Gmelius Makes Gmail More Readable

Tweak and customize Gmail to reduce clutter and increase utility with Gmelius.

Stock And Run Your Own 8-Bit Street Cart In Cart Life

Cart Life is a deep, engaging simulation in which you need to operate a street vending cart.

Vimium Grants Chrome Hotkey Superpowers

Vimium is a Chrome extension that adds a rich set of shortcut keys for opening links, navigating pages, and more.

Swear Off Time-Wasting Websites With Cold Turkey Free Edition

Cold Turkey is an open-source tool that lets you block access to distracting websites during selected times.

DAZ Studio

DAZ Studio lets you import 3D models and use them to create and render beautiful scenes.