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Endlessly tweaking his workflow for comfort and efficiency, Erez is a freelance writer on a mission to discover the simplest, coolest, and most effective software and websites to make tomorrow happen today.

Go Beyond the Spellchecker With StyleWriter Professional

StyleWriter Professional is a powerful grammar and usage checker that can improve your writing style and clarity.

Map Your Thoughts With Free SpiderScribe

SpiderScribe is a Flash-based simple mindmapping tool with a free plan.

Save Your Team from Inefficiency With RescueTime

RescueTime is a Web-based service that lets you monitor how you spend time on your computer.

Browser-Based Games You Can Win Without Losing Your Job

This collection of fun, uplifting, and engaging games will help you take your mind off work for a few minutes--but let you quickly shift back into gear when you need to.


Spanning Backup Backs Up Gmail and Other Google Services

Spanning Backup is a cloud-based service for backing up Google data such as Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and more.

Make a Website Without Coding Knowledge, Thanks to Free Beta of Breezi

Breezi lets you visually create a personal or business website, without a single line of code.

Daminion Standalone Organizes Photos Like the Pros Do

Daminion is a professional photo cataloging application aimed at photographers and studios.

Speed Up Searches--And Reduce Typing--With Drag and Drop Search

Drag and Drop Search is a Chrome extension that lets you quickly select text and search for it in specific search engines just by dragging and dropping.

Give Your Peepers a Break With Free EyeLeo

EyeLeo is a small utility that reminds you to rest your eyes and take a break now and then.

Like Vikings? How About Slicing Things? Play Icebreaker in Your Browser

Icebreaker is a browser-based physics puzzler in which you must rescue Vikings trapped in ice.

Easily Distracted Writers May Like Ommwriter Dana I

Ommwriter Dana I is a free full-screen text editor that ships with ambient soundtracks.

Fill a Gap in Your Day With Filler 2 Browser-Based Game

Filler 2 is a simple, ambient game in which you fill the screen with inflatable balls.

Move the Landscape to Conquer Pseudo-Platformer Continuity

In Continuity, you constantly switch between shuffling level segments and traversing the levels.

Take a Break With Totem Destroyer 2 Game in Your Browser

Totem Destroyer 2 is a free Flash-based physics game requiring thought, precise timing, and luck.

See What People Are Saying About Your Business With VenueSeen

VenueSeen lets businesses monitor their online presence and reputation in photo sharing and social networks.