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Endlessly tweaking his workflow for comfort and efficiency, Erez is a freelance writer on a mission to discover the simplest, coolest, and most effective software and websites to make tomorrow happen today.

Type Common Phrases Faster and More Accurately With Breevy

Breevy saves you time by replacing abbreviations you type with complete text.

Slick PhpStorm Makes Editing JavaScript and PHP Fun

JetBrains PhpStorm is a cross-platform development environment for JavaScript, PHP, and other Web-related languages.

Create or Improve Your Own Websites Using These Great Tools

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Web developer, here are some of the best tools and services available for putting your content online today.

Zlango Messaging Review: Emoticons Taken to Extremes

Zlango is a good Android messaging app for spicing up your texts, but it is definitely not for everyone.

Web Developer Add-On Helps You Debug Web Pages in Firefox

Web Developer is a free Firefox add-on that offers a plethora of tools for debugging websites and tweaking browser behavior.

Debug Web Pages in Firefox With Firebug

Whether you're a Web designer or a JavaScript programmer, Firebug provides invaluable tools for debugging websites.

Turn Your Photos Into Striking High-Dynamic-Range Images With EasyHDR Pro

EasyHDR lets you produce stunning high-dynamic-range images with an easy-to-use, professional interface.

Vitamin D Turns Your Webcam Into a Security Camera

Vitamin D turns your webcam into a sophisticated home surveillance system.

Free Downloads That Are Worth a Donation, Part 2

In the second part of our donationware series, we introduce a few hidden gems that you can download and use for free. All of these programs accept contributions, and some support charities.

Free Downloads That Are Worth a Donation, Part 1

These fantastic, well-known utilities are donationware--you can use them for free, but the developers ask for a contribution to keep their work going. Now is a great time to give back to the creators.

Configurable Miranda IM Handles Many IM Protocols With Aplomb

Miranda IM is an extremely customizable open-source IM client supporting many protocols.

Step Away From the Spreadsheet and Dig Donationware Gem OpalCalc

OpalCalc is a unique calculator that lets you use natural language for day-to-day calculations.

Gpg4win: Powerful Encryption for Free

Gpg4win is an easy-to-use installer for setting up powerful email and file encryption on your system.

TweetCaster Review: A Slick, Powerful Free Twitter Client

TweetCaster's free version does have ads, but that doesn't keep it from feeling polished and robust.

Geek Alert: jEdit Is a Fine Text Editor for Coders Who Have RAM to Spare

jEdit is a Java-based programmer's editor with a boatload of optional plugins, color schemes, and configuration options.