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Eric Knorr is the editor in chief for InfoWorld and has been with the publication since 2003. A technology journalist since the start of the PC era, he has developed content to serve the needs of IT professionals for the past decade. He is the former editor of PC World magazine, the creator of the best-selling The PC Bible, a founding editor of CNET, and a veteran of several dot-com follies. Eric has received the Neal and Computer Press Awards for journalistic excellence.

2012: The year cloud computing took a bite out of IT

As new public cloud plays leap in and the private cloud slowly evolves, we're on the brink of a shift to cloud computing for critical business workloads

Dell XPS 13: Gray With MacBook Air Envy

The XPS 13 is a fine, well-made, durable-seeming laptop with some style, but some people may prefer to spend their money on a faster processor and a lot more storage.

Here Comes the Big Data Bubble

First there was the dot-com bubble; then the housing bubble, but nothing will compare to the big data bubble.

The IT economy vs. the rest of the economy

Count yourself lucky to work in tech. But with no light at the end of the economic tunnel, it pays to keep your skills sharp.

How Windows 8 Could Change Everything

Clues abound that Hyper-V is a foundation technology for Windows 8, enabling Microsoft to dominate a new era of desktop virtualization.

The Atrix 4G and Our Post-PC Future

Now that the Atrix 4G and iPad 2 have arrived, the vision of life after the desktop grows clearer

The Atrix 4G and Our Post-PC Future

Now that the Atrix 4G and iPad 2 have arrived, the vision of life after the desktop grows clearer


2011: The Year Personal Computing Will Reinvent Itself

The dominant desktop paradigm will finally wither and a thousand new personal computing models will bloom.

The Web Has Flatlined

No, wait -- the connection is back up again -- it seems to be working now.

Oracle: The New Darth Vader?

Analysis: Never a warm and fuzzy company, Oracle has raised its game to Sith level with the Android lawsuit

Why Microsoft Can't Figure Out What's Next

When it comes to mobile computing, the cloud, and desktop virtualization, Microsoft can't seem to shoot straight.

Will Google Buy Salesforce Next?

With over 70,000 companies now using, Google has no quicker route to paying business customers

Stop Bashing Flash

When Steve Jobs and Microsoft's point man for IE agree, you have a right to be skeptical

Do Google's Employee Perks Really Go too Far?

Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, says the perks Google offers its employees could be counter-productive.