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In Pictures: HP Adds Touch, Color to EliteBook, ProBook

The six new systems with their faster Intel i5 and i7 CPUs, touchscreens, and brushed aluminum cases are intended to lure businesses off Windows XP.

Back in Black: Meet Lenovo's New ThinkPads

Intel's Core i-series processors and auto-boot fingerprint readers are among the upgrades in the latest ThinkPads.

Apple Disses Our DRM for IPad, Adobe Says

Apple Inc. will not use Adobe Systems Inc.'s e-book digital rights management (DRM) technology, an Adobe executive said on Wednesday.


Panasonic's Toughbook Tablet Takes Swing at Rugged Rivals

Panasonic released the latest model in its 13-year-old Toughbook line, a rugged Windows tablet with a power-sipping Intel Atom processor.


Traveling With Laptops Could Get Tougher

Proposed restrictions on batteries on flights could create a hassle for business travelers.


Media Tablets Like IPad Will Take Over Where MIDs Failed, Says Researcher

Bill Gates and others first envisioned that tablet computers would be the future of computing for everyone. So far, they have only caught on in niches, such...

Apple iPad Falls Short of Netbooks, Critics Say

A smackdown will reveal the iPad as an overgrown iPod Touch, netbook fans retort to Jobs.


Microsoft Site Crash Hobbles Enterprise Users

Problems with a Microsoft Web site that handles software licenses have left some businesses unable to activate and use their Microsoft apps.

Samsung Shows Off See-Through Screens at CES

The next big wave may be laptops and handheld gadgets with transparent OLED screens -- but some question usefulness of transparent screen.

HP Unveils Touch Netbook, Plans to Show Tablet at CES

HP and Microsoft are co-developing the 'Courier' tablet PC, to be revealed during Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's keynote speech at CES this evening.

Lenovo Unveils Hybrid Tablet Laptop With 'Two Brains'

At CES, Lenovo announced its IdeaPad U1, a consumer Windows laptop with a touchscreen that can be detached and used as a separate Linux tablet computer.

CES: More Powerful Wireless Chargers on Display

Fulton Innovation plans to demonstrate upgrades to its wireless power technology at the CES show in Las Vegas.

CES: DisplayLink Says USB 3.0 Video Coming Soon

DisplayLink plans to show off a new chip that supports the USB 3.0 standard at the Consumer Electronics Show next month in Las Vegas.