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HP's New Lightweight Laptops Light on Wallet Too

Hewlett-Packard today is set to unveil a pair of consumer laptops sporting multimedia capabilities, sleek metal casings, and low prices.

IBM Finalizing Free Symphony Office Suite for Macs

Taking aim at Microsoft Office, IBM announced that a final version of its free Lotus Symphony suite for the Mac is coming this month.


HP Boosts Netbook Battery Life

Hewlett-Packard says its new netbook PC will run for up to a full business day on a single charge.

Lenovo Readies Laptop With 2 LCD Screens

Lenovo's Thinkpad 700dw "mobile workstation" pushes the desktop replacement category with its dual 17-inch and 10.6-inch screens.

Netbook Market Explodes

Acer has topped Asus in the fast-growing market for mini-notebooks or "netbooks."

HP Re-Enters Linux Desktop Market

Hewlett-Packard said Wednesday it will offer Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop bundle on one of its desktop PCs.

What the Pirates are Really Up To

Forget BitTorrent downloads or illicit DVDs; the real pirates are hawking their warez.

A Virtual Desktop That's 'Microsoft-Free'

Software bundle combines Lotus desktop applications and Ubuntu Linux.

Windows 7 and SSDs

Microsoft cites 4 ways that Windows 7 will support solid-state drives better than XP or Vista does.

Microsoft: Windows 7 Will Have Better Battery Life, Faster Boot Times

Vista's successor will use less memory, run nimbly on netbooks, Microsoft execs say


Who Owns the Cloud Business Inside Microsoft?

Look at how the software maker plans to deliver its SaaS products.

Too Old for Tech? Not These Silicon Valley CEOs

Think leading a technology company is only for thirtysomethings? These savvy sexagenarians beg to differ. Update Sets Downloads Record

Windows users were the biggest downloaders of 3.0, released last week.

Office 2007 Update Due in Spring

Service Pack 2 will add features to Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook.

In Satellite Photo Resolution Race, Who's Winning?

Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth each tout key deals.