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Oracle Tries to Step Up on High-End Databases

The database market leader is pushing several new technologies in an effort to make its software more scalable. But are users ready for what it's offering?

Oracle Pushes Compression to Scale Databases

At OpenWorld, Oracle puts spotlight on 11g database's Advanced Compression feature.

Why Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' Ads Won't Attack Apple

Microsoft says there are "some pervasive misperceptions" it needs to address but it will move on quickly to Windows' strengths.


Microsoft Plays up Hyper-V Versus VMware

Microsoft believes price, integration and timing could help Hyper-V win market share against market leader VMware.

Existing Customers Gravitate to Microsoft Hyper-V

Some heavy users of Microsoft software say they're likely to go with the software giant's Hyper-V software for virtualization...

Vista Gets Virtual License Options

Several software licensing changes give IT managers and users more options for running Vista in desktop virtualization mode.


Seinfeld Ad 'Just Teaser,' Microsoft Says

If the debut ad leaves you wondering, it's supposed to--it's just the first of a longer campaign featuring Seinfeld.

Can Seinfeld Really Sell Vista?

Microsoft's new ad campaign launches next week with comedian Seinfeld hawking Windows.


Scented, Other 'Fashion' PCs Hit the Catwalk

Type-and-sniff computers may be just what seemingly smell-obsessed teens are nosing around for.

Microsoft Office Live Small Biz Suffers Outage

Appears less severe than outages at MobileMe, Gmail.

Vista May Still Have Its Day

Think Windows Vista is a hopeless dog and XP was always the cat's meow among users? Think again.


Microsoft to Buy up to $100M in Support Vouchers

It continues a cross-licensing deal between Novell and SUSE Linux.

Microsoft May Use 2,000 Developers for Windows 7

25 'feature teams' to work on different facets of the replacement to Vista OS.


New Look Due for Windows Live Messenger

Reports say the makeover based on Windows Presentation Foundation graphics will feature multimedia functions and tighter integration with Zune.

DATAllegro Hit With Patent Lawsuit After Microsoft Deal

Inventor accuses BI vendor of stealing technical info, after Microsoft says it's buying company.