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When the Meteor and the 1PB Database Collide

Craters? No, ginormous amounts of celestial information in need of storage.

'Cloudy' Forecast: SQL Server 2008's Future

Upgrade includes new Web hosting edition and will soon be used in hosted DB service.

One $12-Gaming-Console Per Child?

The Famicom could help kids in developing nations.

ACH Food Cleans Up Its Data Pantry

Data cleansing is a dirty job, but mergers and buyouts make it a priority.

Review: The Asus Eee 1000

The latest iteration of Asus' groundbreaking mini-notebook adds a faster CPU, a larger display and a better keyboard.

Vista: the 'New Coke' of Tech

Enterprises still cling to Windows XP, although Vista's adoption outpaces Mac, Forrester reports.

IPhone 3G: Still Not Ready for the Enterprise

Geek sacrilege? Not if these are your IT priorities.

Microsoft Rings Its Own Bell

The big(ger) dog gets growly.

Step-by-Step: A Three-Screen Workstation for $230 or Less

Instructions for expanding your laptop's visual horizons on the cheap.

The iPhone 3G Could Make Mobile Management Legit

Unprecedented apps-dev buy-in is required.