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Windows 7: No Application Compatibility Woes ... Yet

Microsoft's attempts to ensure better application compatibility for Windows 7 at launch appear to have worked.

Acer Edges Dell in PC Sales

iSuppli is now ranking Acer in the number 2 spot for global PC sales, based largely on its laptop shipments.

Microsoft and Rivals Trash Talk Google Chrome OS

Microsoft was, predictably, not all that impressed by Google's demonstration of its upcoming Chrome OS.


Five Ways to Overclock a Netbook (Really!)

Didn't think hardware this tiny could be tweaked? We explore five ways to turn netbooks up to 11.

Creator of Ubuntu 9.10 Linux Praises Windows 7

Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth sees three potential openings for Ubuntu and other desktop alternatives to Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system.


Microsoft Should Fear Netbooks, Analyst Says

Expensive software doesn't pair well with budget hardware, and the combination is a challenge to Microsoft.

Windows 7 Ready for Most Corporate PCs, Study Says

Nine out of 10 business systems already in use are powerful enough to run Microsoft's newest OS, removing a barrier to adoption.

HP TouchSmart PCs get touch-enabled Hulu, Netflix and Twitter

New all-in-ones, tablet get TouchSmart 3.0, which provides 20 touch-enabled apps

New Dell Latitude Z Laptop Charges Wirelessly

Dell introduced an ultra-thin premium business laptop on Tuesday that is the first to let users do away with most of the cables and wires -- including the power cord.

Lenovo Claims Fastest Windows 7 Boot Times

Lenovo vows "unbelievably" fast Windows 7 boots and shutdowns — business PCs will boot up to 56% faster.


Sexy Startups Offer to Rate Mates

Online dating services get more sophisticated, demonstrated by several newcomers to market.

The Tech Behind eHarmony

The matchmaking site says 236 of its members get hitched daily, so it must have some algorithms right.

HP Equips Desktop PCs With SSDs for Faster Windows 7 Boots

HP plans to introduce a new business desktop PC that comes with a solid-state disk drive (SSD) to speed up Windows 7 and other applications.

HP MediaSmart Home Servers Get Cozier With Macs

Hewlett-Packard is introducing its third generation of MediaSmart home servers, with more features for Mac users and multimedia-philes.

Dual-screen Laptop Provokes Lust, Derision

An unknown Alaskan company is attracting attention for a $3,000 laptop it plans to build that will apparently be the first to sport two 15.4-inch LCD screens.