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Windows 7's Deadly Sins

The Free Software Foundation is campaigning against Windows 7 as "treacherous."

Windows 7 Worse on Netbook Battery Life Than XP?

Windows 7 cuts almost a third off the battery life of some netbooks shipping today with Windows XP, several recent reviews and user reports say.

Microsoft Stores Begin Hiring

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday began hiring employees for its coming retail stores in California and Arizona by posting a list on the Web of the six different...

Hotmail Users Gripe About Yanked Feature

Microsoft is taking heat for a popular photo attachment function it pulled from Hotmail because of security concerns.

Breathe New Life into Your Old PC — with Windows 7

Rejuvenating your 7-year-old PC with Windows, not Linux, can now make technical and fiscal sense.


Open-source Users Revolt Over Ribbon-esque UI

The open-source faithful are lambasting a proposed overhaul of's user interface.

Who's to Blame for MacBook's Poor Battery Life Under Windows?

Users running Windows on Apple's MacBooks have long complained about how quickly they find themselves running on empty.

FAQ: Windows 7 Family Pack and Anytime Upgrades

Which Windows versions are eligible, where to get it and other details.


Obama Administration, New Legal Research Could Jack up Antitrust Heat on Intel

A new antitrust climate in Washington under the Obama administration, as well as fresh legal scholarship that overturns the assumptions held by regulatory...

Scaled-Down E-Census Project 'a Great Success,' Bureau Says

The U.S. Census Bureau took a significant step toward its eventual goal of a true "paperless census" recently/

3 Reasons Why the Microsoft, Yahoo Search Deal Makes Sense

Both Microsoft and Yahoo bring the right mix of experience to the table making a future partnership a fruitful one.

Microsoft: Netbooks, Penny-pinching Enterprises Slash Windows Profit by a Third

Microsoft's mightiest money-spinner, the Windows operating system, continued to be dragged down by the poor economy, the company said, as consumers opted for...

Laptop Battery Life Benchmarks Are out of Juice

The battery life of laptops is far less than that cited in an industry standard, and at least one critic of the benchmark is calling for reform.

Eyeing Google, Splashtop Partners With Yahoo for Instant-on Web Search

In a pre-emptive strike against Google's Chrome OS, DeviceVM plans to make Web search the centerpiece of its popular instant-on operating system.

Forrester: Corporate Users Slowly Warming to Vista

The much-maligned Windows Vista operating system runs on almost one out of eight corporate desktops 28 months after its release, study says.