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Windows Home Server Adds Windows 7 Support

The coming Power Pack 3 for the Windows Home Server operating system will let users backup and restore Windows 7 PCs, Microsoft says.


Office 2010's Free Web Versions Fend off Google Docs

Choosing to risk cannibalizing its own sales rather than lose market to Google, Microsoft is putting Office functions online.

The Big Winner From Google Chrome OS: Telcos

The coming Google Chrome Web-centric operating system could be a big boon for telecom vendors and wireless operators looking for another way to drive demand.

HP Introduces New Mini 5101 Business Netbook

New netbook sports an LCD screen and improved MacBook-like keyboard

Lenovo Slims Down New ThinkPad T400s

Showing again that rugged business-oriented laptops can play the thin-and-light game, Lenovo Group on Tuesday revealed a slimmed-down ThinkPad.

DRAM's Inventor Honored for Contribution

DRAM's Inventor, 76, Still Going Strong at IBM

Lotus Symphony Now Reads Office 2007 Documents

IBM announced the release of Lotus Symphony 1.3, an update to its year-old free productivity suite.

Nvidia: For Smartbooks, Windows CE Beats Android

Despite the hype surrounding Google's Android operating system, Nvidia sees more immediate promise in ARM-based netbooks running Windows CE.

Android Doesn't Threaten ARM on Netbooks (Yet)

Google's Android OS needs more work before it will shift from smartphones to netbooks, an ARM executive says.

Microsoft Launches Tech Jargon at Computex, Snark Ensues

Microsoft offered up more than the latest version of its Windows operating system for computing gadgets at Computex.

Never Mind the Netbook, Here's the Smartbook

If you still blanche at the term "netbook" for being an ungainly piece of vendor-speak, then prepare to be nauseated later this year by the "smartbook."

RealPlayer for Mobile Coming to Linux Netbooks

Saying it will improve the user experience, RealNetworks is licensing its RealPlayer for Mobile for Ubuntu Linux netbooks.

More Firms Banning IM Access to Enemy Nations

Google and possibly AOL are jumping on Microsoft's bandwagon, banning IM services to citizens of hostile countries.

Microsoft Groove Jumps Onto SharePoint Bandwagon

Microsoft has big plans for the Groove collaboration software it acquired in 2005.

Even Linux-Loving Firms Only Deploy It to One-Fifth of Employees

Half of the businesses that have deployed Linux on the desktop have rolled it out to less than 20 percent of their workers due to perceived and real obstacles.