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Dell Netbook for Schools Has Germ-Busting Keyboard

Device also has an activity light to clue teachers in when students are surfing.

Intel CEO 'Strongly Disagrees' with 'Baffling' $1.44B Antitrust Fine

Chip maker plans appeal that will 'refute' EC arguments, Otellini says

Microsoft: Exchange 2010 Wil Be Faster, More Scalable

Microsoft says its upcoming Exchange Server 2010 software will be able to read and write e-mails to disk 70 percent faster than Exchange 2007.

IBM, Microsoft Spat Over Office File Formats

IBM contends Microsoft's implementation of the standard corrupts documents created by other applications.

Free Beta of Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Surfaces

App helps users determine whether their PC is powerful enough to run the upcoming Windows 7.

Novell Supports Moblin Linux for Netbooks, Devices

Eschewing its own SUSE Linux, Novell said it will back Intel's Moblin Linux in the fast-growing market for netbooks and smartphones.


Buying New PCs Brings Swift Return, Intel Urges

Companies can quickly reap the advantages of faster new CPU technology, chipmaker declares.

Windows 7's 'XP Mode' May Not Work on Many PCs

CPUs in even recent PCs, especially netbooks, lack needed hardware virtualization support.

Appetite for Netbooks Surging, Survey Says

Price-conscious buyers drawn to cheaper price, wider selection of netbooks.

Is Atom Hurting Intel's Bottom Line?

While netbooks have given Atom a nice ride, some say the low-cost chips are hurting profits -- on multiple fronts.

IT Pros Find Smut on 3 out of 4 Employee Laptops

Study reveals that two-thirds also found evidence of "inappropriate interactions" with other employees.

Can Microsoft Count on Inertia to Spur Office 2010 Upgrades?

The final release of the upcoming suite is set for the first half of 2010.

Intel, Microsoft Look Away as Beefed-up Netbooks Blur Lines

Microsoft and Intel's attempts to confine netbooks to the low end of the market have taken another hit.

Asus Preps Multimedia 'PC Within a Keyboard'

Atom-based Eee includes mini-LCD touch screen where numeric keypad would be.

With SUSE Linux 11, Novell Draws Even Closer to Microsoft

The two companies inked a controversial interoperability deal in 2006.