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Intel Dispute Won't Choke Supply of AMD Chips

Intel's threat to pull its cross-licensing deal with AMD is unlikely to result in a shortage of AMD processors, experts say.

Symantec's Altiris 7 Boosts Mac, Linux PC Management

Symantec Tuesday announced Version 7.0 of its Altiris client and server management suite.

Microsoft Cuts Software Leasing Costs to Retain Companies

In an attempt to retain recession-hit companies seeking to opt out of their software maintenance contracts, Microsoft is cutting prices.

Windows Server will Run in Enterprise Cloud

Microsoft says enterprises will self-host Windows Azure someday, as they now run Windows Server.

Intel Wants Atom Inside Almost Everything

Intel is pushing its Atom processor every which way but one, yet tentative server testing is still occurring.

Analysts: Macs Cost More Than PCs, but Have Same Hardware

Few things will start an argument in a bar full of techies quicker than asking which hardware gives you more bang for the buck, Mac or PC?.

Microsoft Makes Its Case for Windows 7 in the Enterprise

Weeks after making its case for why enterprises should dump Windows XP for Windows Vista, Microsoft talked up the merits of Windows 7.

Intel Atom May Power 'Green' Servers

Microsoft is testing the CPU designed for netbooks to instead power low-energy servers.

Zune Phone, No; Zune TV, Yes, Microsoft Says

Microsoft plans to expand its Zune Marketplace to include songs, podcasts, music videos, and TV shows for purchase and download.


'Plug Computers' May Web-Enable Hard Drives

Marvell Technology touts a computer that is smaller and cheaper than a netbook.

DRM Holding Back Ebook Growth

Imagine bringing home a music CD from Best Buy and discovering that it will only play on some of your stereo equipment.

Microsoft Gives Vista Adoption One More Push

Microsoft last week made its best -- and perhaps final -- case as to why companies should consider upgrading to Windows Vista.

Netbooks Worm Their Way Into Businesses

When ADNH Compass, a 17,000-employee catering company based in Abu Dhabi, decided to give its branch managers new PCs last year, it decided on netbooks.

Nvidia's Eye Is on Intel as Ion Wins 3 Votes of Confidence

Nvidia's Ion CPU-and-graphics platform, which the graphics chipmaker hopes can help loosen Intel's grip on the fast-growing netbook business.

MS Makes Last-Ditch Push for Corporate Adoption of Vista

Microsoft this week put forth its best case as to why corporations and large organizations should consider upgrading to Vista.