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Microsoft to Offer Free Windows 7 Upgrades to New Vista Customers: Report

To encourage consumers to keep buying Windows Vista PCs this year despite Windows 7's looming release, Microsoft will reportedly offer free upgrades to Windows 7 to new Vista customers.


HP Says Its Netbooks Likely Will Run 3 Versions of Windows 7

In a vote of confidence for Windows 7's suitability for use on netbook PCs, HP says it likely will offer at least three versions of the OS on its Minis.

Vista Makes Converts of Gamers, Enterprises

Gamers and enterprises are saying yes to Windows Vista, a researcher finds.


Windows 7: More Flavors Than Ever?

If its multiple beta versions are any indication, Windows 7 may continue the 'SKU inflation' of past editions.


Microsoft May Drop Popfly Web Mashup Tool

Microsoft on Friday said that it may discontinue its free Popfly service that lets non-programmers build Web 2.0 apps.

Flight Simulator will Soar Despite Microsoft Layoffs

The company says it's is still committed to developing the technology in its Flight Simulator family of games.

Redmond's Loss May Be Seattle Tech Industry's Gain

Microsoft layoffs could be a shot in the arm for Seattle tech industry.

Is This a Solution to Crapware on Windows PCs?

Icons for trial software and Web services, colorfully known as "crapware," cover new Windows desktops like pockmarks.

Intel to Shut Four Plants, Lay off 6,000

Amidst a bevy of bad news in the PC market, Intel took two corrective steps this week, aggressively slashing prices and cutting jobs.

Apple Loosens Anti-Piracy Protection in IWork '09

One of the oldest methods used to protect software from illegal copying is being dropped by Apple .

Microsoft Layoffs? Not a New Concept

The software giant has had eight small layoffs in the past seven years.

Exchange Sees Notes in Its Rearview Mirror

Gartner says Exchange's lead over Notes actually 'getting bigger and bigger.'

Huge Oracle Layoff Won't Be the Last

Number of people let go on Friday unclear, but one analyst said it could be in the thousands.

HP's Striking Firebird with VoodooDNA Desktops

Hewlett-Packard releases a pair of high-performance desktop PCs that buck the conventional wisdom that brawn is best.

USB Remains an Underdog

With its 'elegant' simplicity, USB has yet to win strong nod from monitor makers.