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15 Hot Phones for the Holidays

5 Apps Banned from Apple's App Store in 2011

From tethering, a DUI checkpoint app, and a radiation detection app - here are five apps shown the door by Apple.

Kindle Fire Customers' Biggest Complaints

Amazon is already promising a software update, but can an over-the-air refresh address all of the biggest gripes about the hot tablet?

$99 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Available, but Buyer Beware

The sole official source is sold out, but alternatives can be found if you're determined to try this ultra-budget Android tablet.

FreedomPop Vows to Offer Free 4G Service Next Year

Skype cofounder Niklas Zennstrom is a driving force behind the start-up company, which has signed a wholesale network agreement to provide the service.

$99 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet to Debut in US

The 7-inch Novo7 sports a 1GHz CPU and includes front and rear cameras, 3D capability, 1080p video decoding and an HDMI port.

Sprint Delays 4G LTE Rollout

The wireless carrier will introduce its first devices on the high-speed network in the latter part of 2012 instead of its original target of mid-2012.

Amazon's Kindle Fire will Help Sell iPads, Analyst Says

New tablet users get hooked by the sub-$200 Kindle Fire, and when they're hungry for more the iPad and its meatier specs and features will be waiting.

iOS Safer from Malware than Android, Security Firm Says

A new report from McAfee points to flaws in Android's approach to security, now leaving it the most vulnerable of mobile operating systems.

Chrome Edges Firefox for Second Place in Browser Battle

Web analytics firm StatCounter says Chrome remains in third place in the United States but it is on track to overtake Firefox.

Test Drive Windows Phone Mango on your Android or iPhone

HTML5 demo lets you take Microsoft's Metro UI for a spin.

Spotify to Announce 'New Direction': 5 Possible Directions

Spotify says it will announce a "new direction," but it's not clear why, or which way it will go. Here are a few educated guesses on what the 10-million-member service has up its sleeve.

Apple and Spotify Create Ripples in the Streaming Music World

Spotify is now open to anyone and iCloud and iTunes Match are on their way, leaving other music service competitors scrambling to compete.


Ice Cream Sandwich OS Available for (Some) U.S. Android Phones

While not officially available in the U.S. yet, the courageous can install early versions of CyanogenMod's flavor of the mobile OS if they own a Nexus S or a Galaxy S smartphone.

NVIDIA Gives Glimpse of Ice Cream Sandwich on Transformer Prime

Asus' tablet seems to be able to render 1080p video and run a graphics-intensive game called Riptide pretty flawlessly for at least a few seconds.