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Google+ Female Users Increasing, Still Lagging Other Networks

A new estimate suggests a third of Google+ users are female, up from earlier guesses, but far below the percentage of users of Facebook and Twitter who are women.


Verizon Gets Greedy About Tethering

The carrier's tethering police are on the prowl, masquerading as a "promotion."

Spotify New Users' Guide

The European streaming service has finally landed this side of the Atlantic, and there's a lot to like.


Pandora Unveils Redesigned Site

Pandora's site will undergo a total transformation that will add new features, ditch Flash for a snappier HTML5 design and become more usable.

Free Scrabble App Comes to Android, But Disappoints

Free app allows play between platforms, but not without some major annoyances.


9 Things Google+ Needs for Me to Ditch Facebook

Google+ has potential, but I need to see more if I'm going to abandon the biggest game in town.

iPhone 5 Rumor Rundown

We've been guessing this year, trying to piece together what the next iPhone will look like. Here's what we think we know so far about Apple's next device.


Apple's App Store Tops 15 Billion Downloads: Eat Your Heart Out Google!

Apple: 15 billion App Store Downloads, but Could Google Have 50 Billion Next Year?


Google+ Vanity URL Shortener Crops Up

More than 64,000 Google+ users have signed up for the service, giving us one indication of how big the Google+ test field is.

Google's Path to Google+ Took 7 Years

The Google+ social network is the culmination of seven years of trial and error with over a dozen Google products and services.


Chrome Extension Imports Facebook Friends to Google+

Want to make the shift? This tool isn't fast, and Facebook might not like it, but it does the job (most of the time).

RIM 'Open Letter' Tells All

Anonymous author paints a picture of stagnation and failing leadership as company falters; RIM rebuts claims.


7 Things the Los Alamos National Lab Gave Us (Besides Bombs)

The scope of the scientific work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory has broadened quite a bit since the days of the Manhattan Project.

Is Microsoft Too Late with Office 365?

Microsoft has a history of arriving to the party late. Let's take a look at some of it's successes and failures to try to gauge how Office 365 will do.

Lulzsec: A Short History of Hacking

The hacker group claims it's disbanding; here are some highlights from the infamous first 50 days of Lulz.