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The Most Entertaining Google Doodles

Check out Les Paul's Guitar, Pacman, and some that you may have missed.

Hacker Civil War Heats Up

Multiple hackers claim credit for disabling the Lulzsec website, while other groups make it their mission to reveal the real-world identities of Lulzsec members.

T-Mobile Says 1 Million iPhones on its Network

T-Mobile claims most of the phones pre-date the iPhone 4, which means those users physically had to trim their SIM card to get them to fit into their device.


Sony Ericsson's Xperia Ray, Active Coming with Android Gingerbread

The Ray aims to appeal to consumers looking for a combination of beautiful design and a rich feature set and the Active is intended for those who put a little wear and tear on their phones.


FCC Leaks New Apple AirPort Extreme

The FCC package includes a mock-up of where Apple would place its compliance label on the device, which is identified as the AirPort Extreme Base Station Model A1408.

ICANN OKs New Top-Level Domains

The domain expansion won't benefit real people -- just those who can afford to pay to play.

Beware of Spam Titles in Kindle Store

Self-publishing an e-book to is so easy anyone can do it, and that has drawn in a lot of spammers.


Anonymous Plans Attack on City of Orlando Website, IRC Chatter Suggests

Hacktivists are allegedly targeting Orlando, Florida's city Website Thursday in retaliation of the arrests of Food Not Bombs volunteers

Lady Gaga-Backed Service Is a Totally Half-Baked Idea, a link-shortening and sharing service irritates you when you use it, then shoves ads in your face. Lady Gaga should know better.


Top 10 iPhone Passcodes Revealed

According to a developer roughly 10 percent of iPhone users use the ubiquitous 1234 or 0000. Are you one of them?

Anonymous vs India Drama Fit for Bollywood

Hackers that targeted Indian army vanish, been called out by other hackers claiming to be the "real Anonymous."

Les Paul Guitar Google Doodle Plays an Encore

Playable doodle sparks creativity as searchers share their compositions in honor of guitarist's birthday.


Solar Flares Could Cripple Earth's Tech Infrastructure in 2013

If the Earth is hit by a massive shipment of electromagnetic radiation, it could knock out the backbone of our digital civilization, taking power grids, satellites and other communications systems offline for hours, possibly even days.

Verizon Faces Complaint for Blocking Tethering Apps

The complaint says that when Verizon attempted to block user access to tethering apps, it violated a Net neutrality agreement with the FCC dating to when the company won a large chunk of mobile broadband spectrum in 2008.

Mobile Developers Still Choosing Android Over iOS

Android widened its lead on iOS as the format in which developers chose to code for, with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 in fourth place.