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2 Kinect Titles Leak on Eve of E3

Microsoft partners with Disney and updates an iPhone favorite.

New Oxford Dictionaries Online Entries will Have Techies Abuzz

Tech buzzwords like Twittersphere and NSFW among numerous additions to electronic dictionary

Why Hackers Hate Sony

Why is Sony -- a major player in the worlds of gaming, movies and music -- suddenly in the crosshairs of hackers?

Windows 8: 5 Questions About Microsoft's New OS

With its Windows Phone look and touch and tiles everywhere, Windows 8 it will be a major refresh, but do we really want to touch all our Windows?

PBS Hackers Put Sony in Crosshairs

Lulzsec, the group of anonymous hackers, claimed to be in control of Sony’s chat servers this morning.

How Amazon's Appstore Competes With Android Market

Exclusive apps and refuge for those booted from Android Market are key selling points

Study: Friends Hard to Keep Up with on Twitter, Facebook

A study by researchers at Indiana University pegs the maximum number of friends a user can truly keep in contact with on sites like Twitter and Facebook at roughly 150 people.

Zuckerberg's New Diet: Kill Your Own

Facebook founder's new personal growth endeavor involves eating only what he kills.

Google Maps Adds Buttons, Gets Foursquare Feel

The 'check-in' and 'rate and review' buttons feature prominently on each locale's page and make it easy to check in and give a star rating with just two taps.

Mango Helps Microsoft Make Inroads in Mobile Market

Analysts say Microsoft's mobile OS offers plenty of what users like about iOS or Android, but with a different overall experience.

Your Music and the Cloud in the Next Five Years

With the biggest names in Silicon Valley trying to shove all our music into the cloud, are consumers ready to follow suit?

Amazon's Servers Overwhelmed by Gaga Lady Gaga Fans

The response from bargain-hunting Gaga fans taxed Amazon's servers, a considerable accomplishment given the size of the mega-retailer and cloud-services provider's server farms.

AT&T and Verizon's Battle to Deliver LTE to Heat Up This Summer

Verizon's high-speed network is expanding, but AT&T could debut a service with blazing fast speed soon

Comcast Brings On-Demand Streaming to the Smallest Screens

Over 4,500 hours are available to stream to iPhones and iPod Touches