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Internet 'Health Map' Tracks Data Flow on Web

Compuware Gomez's map is so accurate that it not only covers the Internet's backbone, but also goes down to the last mile of fiber-optics in neighborhoods.

Xperia Play Finally Coming to US May 26

The ‘Playstation Phone’ makes its debut amid a whirlwind of troubles for Sony.


5th-Gen iPhone Leak Shows New Edge-to-Edge Screen

A design from a Chinese case-maker also shows changes to the camera/flash configuration.


Tour Google Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung

Get up close with Google Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung in this visual tour. The new laptops are designed to be lean, quick and to take advantage of the cloud.

Google Wins the War Against Bing Images

Google's new 'sort by subject' is the latest escalation in a pitched battle of pictures

Android OS Buzz Heats Up on Eve of Google I/O

Will we get a bite of Ice Cream Sandwich, see Android streaming, or just a stronger Honeycomb?

Google Testing New Look for Search Results

Critics are slamming a test version of Google's search results that offer more white space and fewer results.

Google and Samsung to Announce First Chrome System at I/O?

The first commercially available system running Google's Chrome OS may be a Samsung notebook.

Tablets Cutting into Laptop/Desktop Use, Nielsen Finds

Three-quarters of tablet owners use their tab/pads instead of laptops or desktops


Android Market Poised to Overtake App Store in August

Reports predict Android Market will have more total apps than the Apple App Store this summer


Apple to Retain App Throne, Despite Huge Google Growth

Google's Android Market is projected to have the biggest growth in 2011 -- an almost 300 percent increase over 2010 figures to more than $425 million.


Quad-Core iMacs with Thunderbolt, FaceTime Arrive

Apple's new desktops also feature the integration of the 'Sandy Bridge' processors from Intel and could be the first 'Lion-ready' systems.

Tweeting Osama Bin Laden Takedown Pushes Techie into Spotlight

A Pakistani IT consultant's Twitter feed explodes after it's discovered he live-tweeted the raid that took down a supervillain.

iPhone 5 Released in Late June? Apple Rumor Mill Grinds Away

iPhone rumors are lighting up the twitter-verse today with speculation the iPhone 5 will be announced "for sure" late June after Apple's WWDC.

Google's April Fools Prank Comes to Life

Lab creates the "motion e-mail" service described by Google on its prank site.