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Google+ App for Android Gets Major Overhaul

Google+ now has bigger photos browsing, more controls, and includes "battery life improvements".

Halloween Google Doodle Carves Up 3 Tons of Pumpkin

Google Doodle time-lapse video captures the creation of some truly gigantic jack o' lanterns in commemoration of the holiday.

Apple Patents New Multitouch, 3-D Gestures

The innovation could support a gesture-based video editing toolbar for the iPad, previously the stuff of science fiction.

Man Carves Smartphone Dock into Prosthetic Arm

After being turned down by Apple, the British caterer worked with Nokia to design a dock that can go everywhere.

RIM Delays PlayBook OS 2.0 Launch to February

The announcement is more disappointing news for a company that had to deal with worldwide data and messaging outages this month on its BlackBerry phones.

Android Overtakes iOS in App Downloads

Android has captured 44 percent of the total app market, thanks to rapid growth in the last year, according to ABI Research.