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Skype iPhone, iPod Touch App Has Security Hole

The vulnerability, located in the app’s chat message window, can be exploited with JavaScript code and used to steal a person's address book.

Google Wallet Prepares to Launch: What You Need to Know

Google's mobile payment system could launch as soon as today. Here's a primer.

Smartphone Battery Life Could Be Dramatically Improved in "Subconscious Mode"

Researchers propose a new mode to boost your phone's battery life by about 50 percent by putting it in an "almost-totally-asleep" mode.

MOG Launches Free On-Demand Music Streaming Plan

The free accounts will compete with Spotify, but will entice users to earn more music listening time through engaging in activities on the site.

Jobs' Departure Hasn't Quelled Demand for Apple Products

Only 4 percent of nearly 2,300 consumers said Steve Jobs' resignation makes them less likely to buy Apple products in the future.

Are HTC and Samsung Sick of Google's Android Operating System?

As Samsung releases more phones with its Bada operating system, and HTC ponders buying WebOS, what are their plans for Android?

Droid Bionic a Tinkerer's Dream

A screwdriver and nimble fingers reveal the guts of Motorola's new Android phone.

Will HP Leave PC Users Out in the Cold?

The future of the company's PC business is cloudy, but it keeps forging ahead with new consumer products -- it's latest announcement an upgrade and price drop to the Pavilion DM1 laptop.

Google Acquires Zagat in Bid to Boost Local Services

Zagat has been around for 32 years and is on the ground in at least 100 cities. Zagat's reviews will be combined with Google search and Maps.

Lost iPhone Case Continues, S.F. Police Launch Internal Probe

The S.F. police now say the department is investigating the possible involvement of officers in this case.

Tivo Premiere Elite Loaded with 2TB of Storage Space

Tivo's newest DVR has four tuners, meaning four shows can be recorded simultaneously while watching a fifth.


Google Aims to Close Google Maps Loophole

Businesses were being labeled as "closed" with a few mouse clicks, possibly by malicious competitors or just incorrect labeling.

Can Tim Cook Fill Steve Jobs' Shoes? Other Heirs to Superstar CEOs

As Apple insider Tim Cook steps into Steve Jobs' role, here's a look at how other successors to tech giants fared.

Who Loves WebOS? Not Samsung, Not Anyone

The Korean company says it will "never" buy the operating system, casting doubt on its future.