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Hurricane Irene: Best Sites to Track the Storm

Irene is walloping the Web along with the Atlantic seaboard, but a wealth of resources can be found online.

Google Doodle Honors Argentine Author Jorge Luis Borges

Borges was a pioneer in the genre of magical realism and he also imagined some of the foundational concepts of the Internet.

TouchPad Fire Sale Deals: 5 Sites for Deal Hunters to Bookmark

HP's tablets are flying off the shelves, so here are a few more places to keep an eye on to find a great deal.

10 Questions for HP about WebOS

The implications of Hewlett-Packard's decision to abandon its WebOS product line are still emerging.

HP Will Ditch WebOS Devices, May Spin Off Personal PC Business

Hewlett-Packard says it will discontinue its mobile WebOS division and is considering spinning off its personal-computer business and buying software maker Autonomy for $10 billion.

27,000 South Koreans Sue Apple Over iPhone Privacy Violations

The class-action suit against Apple stems from the revelations that the iPhone tracks and stores data about users' movements and sends the anonymous information to Apple servers.

iPad 3 Debut Pushed Back to 2012, Report Says

A shortage of high-resolution screens in the supply chain forced Apple to delay the launch, according to the report.

6 Products that Could Come from the Google-Motorola Deal

From a Google TV we actually care about to Google Bluetooth and GPS, the acquisition opens up a new world of possibility.


Report: Apple iPod, iPhone Event Scheduled for September 7

The latest rumor gives a specific date for Apple's next media event, supposedly to release its new line of iPods, and perhaps the iPhone 5.

HTC to Announce New 'Beats' Phones for Sound Junkies

A line of phones that come with Dr. Dre's Beats high-end headphones could be in Best Buy this fall.

Why Anonymous Won't Destroy Facebook

The video announcing the purported operation is far lower in production value than other Anonymous videos, leading me to believe that it's fake.

Tribune Co. Developing Tablet for Its Newspapers, Report Says

The tablet is rumored to run on a modified version of Android and it is expected to be offered for free or at a low cost as an incentive to sign up for extended newspaper subscriptions.

Facebook Can Make Teens Sick, Study Says

Findings presented at psychology conference say narcissism, anxiety, and stomach aches can result from too much social networking.

How to Unlock Google Docs' Hidden New Look

A clean new design and more keyboard shortcuts are available, if you know where to look.