Critical Windows Fixes For DirectShow, Network-based Attacks

Microsoft's regular patch batch closes five critical security holes that could be targeted by poisoned media files or malicious Web pages. File servers need an essential patch as well.


Create a 3D desktop with organized piles of icons and files, picture frames and sticky notes.

Malicious Firefox Add-ons Installed Trojans

Two experimental add-ons previously available through Mozilla's add-on site installed malware on victim PCs.

Avira AntiVir Personal

This truly top-notch AV program is free for personal use.

Log Your Activity With Freebie Anuran

Simple and efficient, Anuran keeps track of what you're doing.

Fission Adds a Page-Loading Bar to Firefox

Display Firefox's page load progress in the address bar, as Safari does, with the Fission add-on.

Fake Microsoft Outlook Update Installs Trojan

A malware campaign showcased by Panda Labs provides a great example of what to watch out for.

Apathy Software's Program Launcher Treads Lightly On Your System

Launch programs and open files, folders or URLs with simple, small utility JumpTo.

Browser Fingerprinting Can ID You Without Cookies

An online test shows how your browser could be uniquely identified by its plugins, fonts and other characteristics

Scammers Hop on iPad Bandwagon

Malware-pushing crooks are infiltrating search results for Apple's new tablet with malicious links.

Download Statusbar

This tidy toolbar alternative to the Firefox download window is a handy add-on.


Access a wealth of aggregated data for any Web site, including safety and age ratings, traffic reports, and other info.

Malware Aims to Evade Windows 7 Safeguards

Windows 7 adds a number of new security features, but social engineering attacks mean that you can’t let your guard down.


Bugs and Fixes: Adobe Reader, Acrobat Come Under Fire

Flaws in the popular programs were attacked before a fix was available.

Will Cloud Computing Kill Privacy?

Your private information should remain private regardless of where it might be. But you can’t count on that happening.