Tab Progress Bar

This tiny Firefox add-on displays Web page loading progress on browser tabs.


Display Firefox's page load progress in the address bar, like Safari.

Download Statusbar Smoothes Firefox Downloads

This tidy toolbar alternative to the Firefox download window is a handy add-on.

Emergency Microsoft Update Fixes IE Zero-day

The out-of-bands patch closes the security hole that had been exploited as part of the Google attack.

Microsoft Warns of IE Zero-day Used in Google Attack

A McAfee discovery of a previously unknown security hole affecting IE 6, 7 and 8 prompted the warning from Redmond.

Google Attack Highlights Strength of Targeted Malware

Why bother sneaking in a human spy when a tailored digital attack can be launched from across the globe?

Serious Flaws Patched for Adobe Reader and Windows 2000

Adobe timed the release of a critical patch for Reader with a barely-there Patch Tuesday.

The Low-down on Low-level Rootkits

A new post from Microsoft's malware blog offers statistics and details about the insidious stealth malware.

RUNit Launcher Stays Out of Sight Until Needed

Quickly launch programs with RUNit's customizable menu, which stays tucked away until you need it.

New Year, New Attacks Against Adobe Zero-Day

The Internet Storm Center reports finding sophisticated attacks using .pdf files that go after an as-yet unpatched security hole.

Incredible Bookmarks Helps You Find Your Way in Firefox

Supercharge your Firefox bookmarks toolbar with free add-on Incredible Bookmarks.

Watch Your Facebook Friends for Free--And Without a Browser--in Fishbowl

The experimental Microsoft program Fishbowl lets you catch up on Facebook without a browser.

Good Guys Bring Down the Mega-D Botnet

Chalk up one for the defenders. Here’s how a trio of security researchers used a three-step attack to defeat a 250,000-pronged botnet.

TooManyTabs Firefox Add-on Speeds Up Browsing

Tuck Firefox tabs away in the TooManyTabs toolbar, where they won't eat up your computer's memory.

ScrapBook Saves Snippets From Your Firefox Surfing

Free Firefox addon ScrapBook lets you keep Web articles handy.