Web Site Security Holes Make Case for Protection

The prevalence of vulnerabilities in scanned Web sites show why you can't just watch where you surf and be safe online.

Microsoft Patches Critical Drive-by Flaw

Today's Patch Tuesday fixes a major Web-based risk for Windows, along with security flaws in Office and network-based risks.

iPhone Worm Rickrolls Jailbroken Phones

A prankster worm spreading in Australia hearkens back to malware's early days.

SSL Hole Cracks Open Secured Web Traffic

A newly disclosed security vulnerability allows for breaking into any protected SSL traffic, including HTTPS.

Samfind Bookmarks Bar

This Firefox bookmarks toolbar offers quick access to social networking services, RSS feeds, and many other sites.

Java Patch Closes Security Holes

A new version of Sun's Java SE JRE 6 and JDK 6 fixes serious vulnerabilities.

Fix Old Flaws to Stop New Attacks

Making sure you've fixed these old security holes will go a long way towards keeping your PC safe from current attacks.

Expert FreeFixer Tool Removes Malware With A Little Help From Its Forums

Hunt for Trojans and other malware with free, professional PC analyzer FreeFixer.

Notepad++ Builds on Notepad With Geeky Features

Souped-up text editor Notepad++ has a wide array of features for programmers.

Are Flash Cookies Devouring Your Privacy?

Small Flash files can track your online movements, and they don’t vanish when you delete normal tracking cookies.

Bugs and Fixes: Stymie Malicious Media, Network Attacks

Fix media-file flaws on PCs and Macs, and block Vista network attacks.

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Firefox-Based Orca Browser Doesn't Work Swimmingly

Orca includes more features than baseline Firefox does, but it also has major limitations.

Firefox Foils Microsoft's Security Hole

As of today, Firefox will automatically block an add-on installed by Microsoft because of a major security risk.

A Rogue Demands A Ransom

A rogue antivirus program has added a new and nasty technique: It will keep you from getting to any of your files and programs until you pay up.

Free Program Blaze Launches Apps, Makes Macros

Versatile application launcher Blaze can automate repetitive tasks.