Stolen Hotmail Passwords Show that Crooks like Webmail

Tips for staying secure after hotmail (and possibly gmail and yahoo) accounts were publicly exposed.

Microsoft's Free AV Looks Good in New Test Results

Security Essentials did a good job at blocking malware in new performance tests from

Better Privacy Deletes Sneaky Flash Cookies From Firefox

Delete Flash cookies that can track your surfing with Firefox add-on Better Privacy.

BlackBerry Update Fixes Phishing Flaw

A site certificate problem that can disguise phishing attempts is fixed in a new patch.

Omega CE Helps Unearth Stubborn Malware

Expert tool Omega CE, currently in free beta, helps experts get rid of stubborn malware infections.

Microsoft's New Free Antivirus Hits the Streets

Wondering whether you should use Microsoft Security Essentials? Here's the under-the-hood info you need.


Hunt for Trojans and other malware with this free, expert-level PC analyzer.

Omega CE Beta

This tool helps experts get rid of stubborn malware infections.

Tweetcraft Brings Twitter Into World of Warcraft

Access your Twitter account from within World of Warcraft with Tweetgraft

To Fight Worms, Use Ants

A novel new security system attempts to mimic insects in the fight against malware infections.

Bugs and Fixes: File-Sharing Vulnerability Hits Vista

Plus: Pick up patches for ActiveX controls, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, as well as Mac OS X 10.5.8 security fixes.



Quickly switch between languages and keyboard layouts for text you type.

Mobile-Phone Banking: Convenient and Safe?

Handling your money on an easily lost device may seem risky, but you have secure options.


Go Virtual for Safer Online Shopping

To foil online fraudsters looking to steal or sell your regular credit card number, you may want to use a virtual credit card instead.

Orca Browser

This Firefox-based browser has extra features, but also has major limitations.