Get Productivity-Boosting Virtual Desktops With Dexpot

Dexpot corrals your wayward windows into different virtual desktops for a cleaner, better organized workspace.


This souped-up text editor has a wide array of features for programmers.

ThreatFire Free

Protect your PC against rootkits, zero-days exploits, and other threats--without interfering with your anti-virus software.

Poisoned PDFs? Here's Your Antidote

Embedded malware represents a new twist that makes PDF dangers even worse. We’ll show you how to stay safe.

Monitor Asset Manager

View all the plug-and-play info that Windows uses to classify your monitor.

FileLocator Pro Is Serious About Locating Files--And About Being for Pros

Create powerful and highly customized searches with the techie-focused tool FileLocator Pro.

Adblock Plus Hides Ads in Firefox

Easily block Web ads with well-made Firefox add-on Adblock Plus.

Eusing Free Internet Window Washer Erases Unwanted File and Browser Traces

Clear your tracks by washing away browser cookies, file open histories, and other private data with Eusing Free Internet Window Washer.

Customize Hard Drive Searches With the Free Agent Ransack

Create powerful custom searches for files on your hard drive with Agent Ransack.

Visual CD

Create searchable catalogs of pictures, video, music and other files that you've moved onto dvd's or other optical media.

New Threat: Undetectable Facebook Scams

Your hard-earned security smarts may not be enough to identify rogue Facebook apps. But a little patience may help.

Bugs & Fixes: Security Fixes for All Major Browsers

Essential patches popped up for all the big browsers. Plus: Excel and Moviemaker updates, and watch out for F1.