Agent Ransack (64-bit version)

Create powerful custom searches for files on your hard drive.

SliderDock Launches Programs With the Mouse Wheel

Corral your shortcuts into nice-looking rings with program launcher SliderDock.

Clipple Firefox Add-on Powers Up the Clipboard

Simple, smart tool Clipple extends the Firefox clipboard.

Eusing Free Internet Window Washer

Clean the traces of Internet surfing.

Round CircleDock Launches Programs and Files

Use this circle-shaped shortcut dock for quick access to your favorite programs and files.

Program Launcher Berokyo Looks Like Wooden Shelving

Feature-rich launcher utility Berokyo uses multiple cabinets to provide quick access to your programs and files.

Add Vim (the Unix Kind) to Firefox With Vimperator

Control Firefox with Vim-style commands, à la the Unix text editor.


Block ads in IE 8 with this simple, no-frills plug-in.

FileLocator Pro (32-bit version)

Create powerful and highly customized searches with this techie-focused tool.

Geek Tool: KeySnail Adds Emacs Editing to Firefox

Add powerful but complicated key bindings to Firefox based on the Emacs editor.

Mozilla Pushes Out Last Update to Firefox 3.0

The 3.0.19 security and stability update will be the last for the old browser version, but Firefox 3.5 also got a fix.