Control Firefox with Vim-style commands, a la the Unix text editor.

Bugs & Fixes: Patch Problem Uncovers Hidden Infection

A piggybacking rootkit plagues XP, ‘kill bits’ patch IE, and both Adobe and Firefox update.

Browser Fingerprints: A Big Privacy Threat

A new technique helps advertisers identify you online--without cookies, and with no easy way for you to fight back.

Circle Dock (64-bit version)

Use this circle-shaped shortcut dock for quick access to your favorite programs and files.

Circle Dock (32-bit version)

Run rings around your PC with this clever program dock.

Firefox Fix Heads Off Font Attack

The 3.6.2 update patches a zero-day security vulnerability in a new browser feature.

Add-on Collector Keeps Your Favorite Firefox Extensions Together to Save or Share

Create shareable collections and backups of your Firefox add-ons with Add-on Collector.

Attack Samples Show Targeted Sophistication

Posted samples of targeted attacks lack obvious clues - but do offer one subtle hint.

Berokyo for Windows

This feature-rich launcher utility uses multiple cabinets to provide quick access to your programs and files.

Add-on Collector

Create shareable collections and backups of your Firefox add-ons.

Trillian Astra Brings IM and Social Networks Together

Multi-service communications program Trillian Astra has many features, but takes some sharing a little too far.

Excel, Movie Maker Flaws Fixed by Microsoft

Redmond patched up two file-based security holes, but has yet to fix a Windows Help bug from last week.

Smash Sneaky Flash Cookies With FlashCookiesView

FlashCookiesView ferrets out privacy-busting "super cookies" and deletes them from your PC.

Download Sort Files Your Firefox Downloads To Your Specifications

Automatically save Firefox downloads to different folders based on their names or file extensions, thanks to the Download Sort Firefox add-on.

Microsoft Warns of F1 Site Attack

A site that prompts you to hit the F1 key may be attempting to attack your computer.