Online Armor Personal Firewall Free

Protect your PC with this free firewall.

Bugs and Fixes: Google Attack Based on Unpatched IE Flaw

Close the hole used by Chinese hackers. Plus: An essential Adobe update.

Digital Thieves Dominate Data Breaches

Theft by hacking is now the top cause of companies’ reported data losses, but a few steps can mitigate the damage.

Genieo Creates A New Home Page From Your Browsings

Get an automatically created custom home page with content from sites you visit.

Genieo Beta

Get an automatically created custom home page with content from sites you visit.

Download Sort

Automatically save Firefox downloads to different folders based on their names or file extensions.


Tuck Firefox tabs away in a toolbar where they won't eat up your computer's memory.

VirusTotal Uploader Links You to 40 Antivirus Programs--For Free

Supercharge your security with VirusTotal Uploader, which uploads your files to a free online scanner.

VirusTotal Uploader

Supercharge your security with a free online scan for your downloads using 40 different antivirus engines.

Blue Screen Reboots After Microsoft Patch Could Mean Malware

Microsoft today confirmed it has traced rebooting problems after installing a recent Windows patch to the Alureon rootkit.

Firefox 3.5.8 Closes Security Holes

Mozilla yesterday released updates for its Firefox Web browser to shore up vulnerabilities in the 3.5.x and 3.0.x browser versions.

RoboForm Online Adds Web-Based Synchronization but Needs More Polish

RoboForm Online is a major plus for current RoboForm users, but it isn't as smooth as other password sync options.

Stay Ahead of Malicious PDFs With Latest Adobe Update

When four out of five Web-based exploits use malicious PDFs, you'll want to make sure you get today's update for Reader and Acrobat.

LinkExtend Tells You What the Crowds Say About Any Web Site

Use LinkExtend to access a wealth of aggregated data for any Web site, including safety and age ratings, traffic reports and other info.

Keep Tabs on Loading Web Pages--Literally--With Tab Progress Bar

Tiny Firefox add-on Tab Progress Bar displays Web page loading progress on browser tabs.